Stair climbing skillz

This kid? Refuses to be contained by stairs any longer!

It takes some effort.


Almost there!




Whatcha got there mom?



In other Daniel news, he’s been on his thyroid medication for about a month now. Originally I thought he would get it in liquid form, but it turns out the liquid version is only stable for 8 days so NO. Not refilling a prescription every 8 days. Instead we crush a pill and give it to him in a bite of applesauce every morning. We’ll get his blood drawn soon to see how his TSH levels are with the meds. (Hopefully good. I don’t want to have to adjust the dose and have to get his blood drawn a bunch of times.)

He’s also being a LOT more vocal these days. (Once a week speech paying off?) I really like his new speech therapist. She’s been doing this for 40 years, and she said most of that has been with kids 0-3. (His last therapist had very little experience with kids under 3.)

He continues to be adorable.


Even when he’s serious.

8 thoughts on “Stair climbing skillz

  1. He looks so much like Will! I didn’t notice when he was younger. Maybe it’s the shorter hair? Either way, he continues to be the most adorable thing ever.

  2. Is that like…a hole in front of your fireplace? Love that face as he comes over the top of the stair. So proud of himself! I also love the resemblance between your two boys. My two kids look almost nothing alike, so I am curious to see if #3 looks like either. Sibling resemblance is so fun.

    • Yes, we call it “the pit.” It’s pretty awesome, ESPECIALLY as a place to play. (Also it’s really fun to see my kids playing there since I remember playing there as a kid.)

      We get lots of comments on how much the boys look alike! I think part of it is the hair, but I do think all our kids look like siblings.

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