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I’ve been making an effort to actually make the things I pin on pinterest. (Because otherwise what’s the point, right?) As it turns out, most of the stuff I make from pinterest is food. And I KNOW you guys want to hear all about it so here you go!

I feel like I should organize these somehow, but I don’t know how, so here they are in no particular order.

Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups These were easy to make and delicious. Everybody liked them except Kalena, who is in a phase of not liking ANYTHING AT ALL. I changed them a little; I used 16 oz of frozen spinach in the filling and only half a box of lasagna noodles. I liked the filling to noodle ratio with just half a box. RECOMMEND.

Broccoli Chicken Cheddar Crescent Braid Also delicious. And again, everyone liked this except Kalena. I didn’t use as much cheese as the recipe calls for (and I probably used more broccoli, I didn’t measure) but I think that’s a personal preference. Next time I’d definitely use crescent dough sheets though. Using perforated crescent roll dough meant it tore apart every time I pulled on it to “braid” despite my pressing the seams together. Despite tearing dough, RECOMMEND.

Dijon Ham and Asparagus Roll-Ups I guess we like stuff wrapped up in crescent roll dough. YUM. We didn’t actually have dijon (whoops) so we left the mustard (whatever we had) on the side. Some of us used it, some didn’t. These were awesome and super easy. RECOMMEND.

Buffalo Chicken Rolls Eh, these were fine. Everybody ate, but nobody asked to have them again. INDIFFERENT.

Avocado BLTs (with a fried egg) What’s not to love here?  Egg, bacon, avocado. Once again easy and delicious. (Seems to be a theme.) We ate ours open faced, and they were excellent. RECOMMEND.

Ham and Egg Cups These looked cute. Fun, single serving brunch-y things. But they were a pain to make and I prefer the texture of eggs in omelets or breakfast casseroles. So these were fine but I wouldn’t make them again. SKIP IT.

Garlicky White Bean and Kale Soup  This was good. All the adults liked it. I think the kids just ate crackers. (So, normal night for them.) I didn’t think it was anything amazing, but RECOMMEND anyway.

Zucchini Tots I won’t lie, I mostly pinned these because I have a bunch of grated zucchini in the freezer and I need to use it. Turns out they’re yummy! I’ll definitely make them again, although I think I’ll only fill the mini-muffin cups half full because we liked the crispy edges best. RECOMMEND.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust Have I mentioned this here before? If not I should have. It’s yummy and the kids completely accept this as pizza. No idea it’s actually good for them. RECOMMEND.

Chicken Chickpea Chopped Salad I eat a lot of salads, so I’m always looking for variety. This was fine. INDIFFERENT.

Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas I messed up the enchilada sauce and it ended up really runny, but these were still good. RECOMMEND.

Chicken and Mushrooms in Garlic White Wine Sauce  Yum. Kalena especially liked these, because she loves mushrooms. RECOMMEND.

Pepperoni Avocado Grilled Cheese Uh, pepperoni and avocado in a grilled cheese sandwich? Yes please! RECOMMEND.

Spinach Manicotti I love manicotti, and this is a lighter than the stuff I usually make (this is a weight watchers recipe actually) but still a big hit. Not *quite* as popular as the spinach lasagna roll ups, but still RECOMMEND.

Spinach Artichoke Pasta I made sort of a cheater version of this for my lunch one day and it was delicious. Even though I didn’t use nearly as much butter. And also cooked everything together instead of one ingredient at a time (see: cheater.) RECOMMEND.

Tomato Broccoli Mozzarella Pasta Casserole Fine but very pasta-y (I’d like more vegetables.) INDIFFERENT.

Chicken Francese Liked this a lot. RECOMMEND.

Donut Hole Fruit Skewers I feel a little silly even putting these on here because it’s just fruit and donut holes on kabob sticks. But we made these for a party and they were very popular and our favorite health food nut just took the donut holes off hers and left them on the plate. And they got eaten by other people. Everyone wins! Also, obviously super easy. RECOMMEND.

Cinnabunnies We made these for the kids on Easter morning, but nobody pointed out to them that the cinnamon rolls were bunnies so they didn’t notice. So I probably had more fun with these than the kids. Eh. INDIFFERENT.

Anything you want to recommend to ME?

17 thoughts on “Pinterest time

  1. That broccoli cheddar chicken braid thing is what we usually have on Christmas eve! It’s one of my favorite things ever. We don’t use mayo, but otherwise it looks similar.

    I already have the Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups pinned from when you mentioned them on Twitter:) Will be making soon!

  2. I will definitely try some of these. I suggest you try the crock pot beef and broccoli I have pinned. It took me a couple of tries, but I have now perfected it and it is easy and also tastes exactly like take out beef and broccoli.

  3. I have a board on Pinterest that I labeled “Things I Have Made” and I try and put all of the recipes that I have made and really enjoyed into that board. It helps if I can’t remember if something was actually worth having again!

  4. Just in time! Thanks for sharing…I’m looking to change up our ‘normal’ stuff. I’ll have to come back and give you some recommendations or put it on my blog.

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