15 months old

Daniel is 15 months old today! 15 months. It does not seem possible that it’s been that long, and at the same time I can’t remember what life was like without him. (Isn’t that always the case?) Anyway, here’s the Daniel update.

He waves hi! (And bye sometimes.) He gets very excited, and I love it.

He is constantly on the move. He HATES being confined. I spend most of my time saving him from throwing himself down the stairs or crawling out the door.

He still eats everything we put in front of him.

He has a tooth! Finally. It’s his top left front tooth. The right one is almost in. Both teeth are REALLY far forward, so it’s like there cutting through the front of the gums rather than the bottom. (I have a picture, but it’s pretty ugly.)

He will sometimes do a four point crawl. (Meaning hands and knees rather than commando.) He still moves faster in commando so that’s what he uses most of the time, but if he doesn’t like the surface his crawling on (grass, most notably) he’ll move to hands and knees.

He is pulling up! He’s been working on this for quite a while, (lots of practice for physical therapy) and now he can manage it by himself. No cruising yet. We’re working on it.

He’s getting more talkative. His speech therapist said he makes all the main sounds they look for at this age. We’re working on mimicking. Still no words.

He has, unfortunately, reached my least favorite phase: whining. You guys. IT IS CONSTANT. When I pick him up he tries to throw himself out of my arms and when I put him down he cries about it. Plus he laughs at me when I tell him no. I have never been a fan of this phase. 15 months to 2 years is my least favorite age so far. Anyway. He’s there.


My constant view.

12 thoughts on “15 months old

  1. I need to post an update on Ethan, he and Daniel are movin’ buddies these days. He doesn’t whine yet, but he’s learned to throw a very small tantrum and lay down on the floor when he doesn’t get what he wants (usually Caroline’s sippy cup). Very funny when he tries to lay-down-tantrum while strapped in his high-chair, though 🙂 Good job, Daniel, on making things happen! Now go tell your mom some more what you want, but be sure to not know, then to change your mind. Perfect!

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