Will’s birthday celebration

Because my parents are out of town most of this month, we did Will’s 1/2 birthday celebration a little early. His obsession with dinosaurs and crocodiles continues, so we started things off by seeing the “Super Croc” exhibit at the dinosaur museum. (Will was SO EXCITED to find out that the museum was getting this. He’s watched the Discovery channel documentaries “Super Croc” and “Ultimate Crocodile” at least 20 times each.)

Our invitation to the event preview. Because we have a membership at the museum. We went. OBVIOUSLY.




Will wouldn’t let me take a picture of him with the super croc (I’m sure I’ll get one at some other time) but I snapped this one when he wasn’t expecting it.



A crocodile cake: his only request for the birthday celebration. Turned out pretty well I think!


He got a couple awesome Imaginext dinosaurs as gifts. (He was very excited to discover that his gift was actually a toy since we wrapped it in a diaper box. He thought it might actually be diapers.)


Pleased with his presents.



Happy half birthday to Will! (Actually on the 22nd! Whatever!)

6 thoughts on “Will’s birthday celebration

  1. That sort of reminds me of the time that Jason wrapped my combination 1st anniversary/Christmas present in a vacuum cleaner box. I thought it might actually be a vacuum cleaner, but turns out he had put a…wait… No, it was ACTUALLY A VACUUM CLEANER. (He’s never lived that one down.)

    Side note – you celebrate half birthdays?? I feel like I should already know this… like maybe you’ve explained this before and it has to do with his birthday being near Christmas? It’s also quite possible that I’m making this up.

    • I got a vacuum for Christmas once, but it was from Brian’s mom, and I wanted it.

      We only do Will’s half birthday, and yes, because it’s so close to Christmas. On his actual birthday we do cake, but no gifts.

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