15 month visit

Daniel had his 15 month check on Thursday morning. Wait. Let’s back up.

So my parents went to Tahiti. (Are you as jealous as I am? Thought so.) Anyway, we’d discussed how long they’d be gone and everything was all written on the calendar blah, blah, blah. 9th through the 19th. That was the trip. So I scheduled Daniel’s visit for the 20th. That way I wouldn’t have to take all 3 kids. Do you all see where this is going? Yeah, they left Tahiti on the 19th. At 11:30 pm. That’s 3:30 am on the 20th here. Definitely not back until the night of the 20th.

Anyway, hauled all 3 kids to Daniel’s well check and found out Daniel is: 31 inches long (39%) weighs 22 lbs 6 oz (43%) and his head is 18.25 inches around (35%.) He’s dropped a little on the growth charts, but not enough to cause any worries. I filled out his 12 month questionnaire- did I get into that when I wrote up his 12 month visit? We decided that filling out the prior questionnaire would be the best way to assess his progress, since his development is decidedly not at his age. Anyway, with the 12 month questions he got a passing score for communication, fine motor, and problem solving. However, he still failed gross motor. 6 questions, he got five “not yet” one “sometimes” and zero “yes” answers. SO, the pediatrician recommended that he get PT once a week.

For those of you I’ve just confused, Daniel is currently getting therapy twice a week, once with a speech therapist, once with an occupational therapist. The OT does also work on gross motor, but it’s not the main area of focus. (And obviously it’s working- passing scores in fine motor and problem solving.) I discussed this recommendation with his OT today and she agreed that it’s a good idea. Consult with the PT will happen in a couple weeks and I’ll update you on that then.

He also had his blood drawn (today actually) to check his thyroid levels. The TSH came back right in the middle of the normal range, so we’ll keep him at his current dose and check again in a few months.

Besides the doctor stuff, he cut another tooth! (His other top front tooth.) And he continues to be adorable. See?



Pulling to stand in his crib is new as of today!

6 thoughts on “15 month visit

  1. I hate that it’s termed “failed.” Because he’s clearly doing great! He’s happy, lived and adorable! And he’ll get there and do all the things in time. I know it’s just to assess whether he needs additional therapy so that’s good that he’s going to get it… I just think they should call it “Doing great! And would do even greater with some more therapy!”

    • Eh, it didn’t bother me in this situation. His pediatrician is SO GREAT and is always advocating for him. And really the conversation was basically: “He’s doing great! And he’d do even greater with more therapy!” I think she just wanted to get across that he’s doing SO well in some areas and SHOULD be doing that well in ALL areas, but isn’t.

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