I didn’t intend to take July off from blogging, and I have a million reasons I did but I’m sure you don’t care. (Probably you didn’t even notice I was gone for a whole month.) Anyway, I’m back! Shall we start with some vacation pictures?

We went back to Estes Park where we had a great time 2 years ago. Just my parents/siblings/families this time though, none of my aunts/uncles/cousins. Still, my parents have 11 grandchildren and the oldest one is 5. Things were chaotic. Obviously we needed to cook some hotdogs over a fire, so here’s Brian helping Will do that.



(The whole time we were at the fire pit I kept thinking, “Why did we think 11 kids plus an open flame was a good idea?” Fortunately nobody fell into the fire.)

Daniel enjoying one of those hotdogs.


I managed to get one shot of me with my sisters! (Or rather, had someone get one.) So many pictures get taken of the kids, and so few of the adults. I think we’re looking more alike as we get older.


And the one picture of our family. Actually taken before Estes Park, at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. In front of the dinosaur exhibit (aka: the only exhibit Will wanted to see.) Doesn’t Kalena look thrilled to be having her picture taken?



Anyway, good times had by all! Except for the night Kalena fell out of the top bunk of the bunk beds we had the kids in. Twice.

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