Seriously slacking

Here’s a confession: not only did I not blog for all of July, I barely read blogs either. I opened my computer only a very few times, and when I did it wasn’t to read. Part of my slacking there is that I still haven’t found a replacement for google reader that I like. I have a couple loaded with my subscriptions, but I’m not used to them so I’ve mostly been leaving them along. (Excellent strategy to get used to them, right?) I try to read posts when people link to them on twitter, but not everyone I read is on twitter, or links to their posts. Plus I’m not on twitter all the time, so I miss lots of them. AND I’m generally on twitter on my phone which makes commenting a giant pain if it’s possible at all.

Anyway, all of this to say I’m trying harder this month! I cleared my readers because there was no way I was going to catch up and I’m starting fresh! (Did I miss anything big last month?)

And now, happy Daniel (now with less hair!) to make up for my slacking.



(That *does* make up for it, right?)

13 thoughts on “Seriously slacking

  1. Oh love, you’ve held in longer than I have. I unintentionally gave up on actively reading blogs ages ago by just being too busy to check Google Reader. I only read ones that posted to FB or Twitter. But I’m trying harder now too! BTW, I am using and liking Digg Reader, in case you haven’t tried that one. But my reading list is really small now.

  2. I am using Feedly and I don’t like it as much. The funny thing is that I cannot put my finger on why I don’t like it as much. I honestly think it is just because it is *different* and probably I will get used to it. That said, I am totally skipping days on reading blogs because I am not thrilled with Feedly.

  3. I am using Feedly also and don’t love it, but I don’t have the time to figure anything else out at the moment, so it will do. The picture totally makes up for your slacking! Love his hair cut!

  4. I, for one, noticed. How am I supposed to waste my evenings if you aren’t updating your blog for me to comment on? Selfish, selfish, selfish.

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