Swim lesson time

One of the many things that happened during the busy month of July was swim lessons! It was Will’s first year and Daniel did lessons too. I have a general policy of not doing any “mommy and me” type classes (because I’m lazy) but Daniel LOVES the water, and his OT agreed that swim lessons could be good for him so I broke my rule and signed him up.

It was Kalena’s 3rd year of lessons and as usual she loved them. She even complained the first day that they didn’t last as long as she wanted. She’s getting some proficiency in the pool which is a little crazy to me. She is also fearless and jumped of the diving board this year just with a pool noodle! (Last 2 years it was with a life jacket and she was not very into it.)



Will liked lessons, but still refuses to put his head all the way under water. (He doesn’t like getting water in his ears.) He also still gets a little panicky if you try to make him float on his back (wet head! Panic!) or if you take him in water where he can’t touch. He never cried though, so that’s a win!


Daniel was a little fish. He didn’t do much of the stuff they try to teach at this age (kicking feet, paddling hands, etc) but he loved it anyway! He never cried, even when he got dunked. And as much as I hated getting dressed in a swimsuit and greasy with sunscreen every day it WAS nicer to be in the water than sitting fully dressed in the 90 degree heat.





6 thoughts on “Swim lesson time

  1. I kind of hate taking kids swimming (so much work, so many wet clothes and car seats and heads!) so we almost never go. I need to get Elizabeth swimming though. She still wears a floaty in the pool.

  2. Wuss. I’ve been hauling all 4 kids to the pool solo because they won’t leave me alone about swimming! Caroline’s pretty sure as soon as we wake up that it’s the first things we’re doing that day. Considering how cool and rainy this summer’s been, 7 a.m. is NOT when I want to go swimming. But I eventually agree because it’s something to do, it wears them out, and the complaining stops for an hour. Ethan’s like Daniel: all about the water; Caroline’s more like Will: I have yet to see her put her face in (but she’ll do back floats); and both boys are like Kalena: MORE SWIMMING! They loved swim lessons, lessons could only have been better if Kalena were in class with them. Let’s teach our kids not to drown so we can go back to Powell, eh?

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