It’s always about cake around here

Last weekend my sister and her family came to visit because it was her 10 year high school reunion. Obviously we went out to sushi while she was here, because that’s what we do. Have a mentioned how much I love maxi-dresses these days? Dressed up but comfortable as pajamas! Best of both worlds!


It also happened that while they were here it was my niece’s birthday. Her GOLDEN birthday! Little miss Amelia turned 4 years old on August 4th. As you know (and is well documented here) I’m sort of obsessed with making cake. So as soon as Kari knew they’d be here for Amelia’s birthday, she asked me to make her a cake. Her only specification was that it be something to represent that it was her golden birthday. Here’s how the final product turned out:



4 tiers for 4 years old and gold accents! It was a giant pain to make but it was pretty! Plus there’s a gold colored “4” candle on top. It was funfetti because hey, she’s 4.

And here’s a cute shot of some of the kids before church that day. Notice Amelia’s lovely gold dress.



Happy birthday to miss Amelia!

6 thoughts on “It’s always about cake around here

  1. The cake was amazing, thank you so much for making it! And when we were going to have a party for her in pueblo I asked what kind of cake she wanted and she said, “None mom, we already had my cake!” 🙂

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