Well, Kalena started kindergarten on Monday. On the one hand I can’t believe it’s here already, on the other, she’s been excited to start since her last day of preschool in May. It’s a little surreal, because she’s going to kindergarten at the same school where *I* went to kindergarten. Sadly they’ve changed the bussing boundaries so now we live too close for her to ride the bus. (I always rode the bus.) Fortunately Brian’s schedule is such that he can drop her off in the mornings, so I only have to worry about picking her up. Anyway, here she is, ready to go for her first day!



Side story: I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but Kalena lost another tooth. (The one right next to the last one she lost.) She lost it in her sleep one night, and we’re guessing she swallowed it since she and my mom looked diligently but never found it. Then we totally failed as parents because we COMPLETELY FORGOT to play tooth fairy. Luckily my mom did NOT forget, and Kalena got fifty cents for the picture she left for the tooth fairy in lieu of her tooth. I forgot so thoroughly that when she came in to our room the next morning all excited about her two quarters it took me a minute to comprehend what she was talking about. WHOOPS. (This is why we can never move out.)

Back to kindergarten. Around here kindergarten is half day, which is fine by me. Kalena goes to the morning session, 8:45-11:50. That works out well for me since Daniel naps at 9. However, it’s finally setting in that she’ll be in school EVERY DAY. Which means I should probably get into some kind of routine with Will. And that routine should probably not be: let Will watch dinosaur documentaries all morning every day while Kalena is in school. (Though I’m sure HE wouldn’t object.) Anyway, Kalena is LOVING it so far. Hopefully that keeps up!

7 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. I envy your half-day kindergarten, there closest to half-day we come here is from 8 – 1:45, and that school’s way across town, so Patrick will go from 8 – 3:30. YIKES! I’m excited, he’s excited, but I’m pretty sure Eli is going to DIE without his 24/7 playmate.

  2. Doesn’t every parent forget at least once? I think so. My sister-in-law forgot every night we were at her house and we were there a week. haha. Toothfairies are forgetful!

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