Room sharing

We figured Will and Daniel would be sharing a room eventually so why not start now? Mostly because now if there are problems we still have another room to stick Daniel in. (This is one of the joys of multiple cribs. Also Daniel still naps in his own room because no way would those two go to sleep at the same time for naps.) Anyway, it’s been a week or so and it’s been… okay? Definitely not great. It takes them a LONG time to go to sleep at night. Generally 1 1/2 to 2 hours. But it also hasn’t been terrible. Will LOVES to have Daniel in his room (really, he loves to have anyone in his room) and with the exception of a random wake-up from Daniel one night and a poop wake-up (also Daniel) another night, they sleep fine once they get to sleep. They also don’t wake up earlier than usual which I was worried about. (That’s why nobody can share with Kalena. She wakes up at the crack of dawn and thinks EVERYONE needs to be awake then.) I’m hoping that once the newness wears off it won’t take so long for them to get to sleep. We’ll see. Maybe next week I’ll be back here telling you how it all went to hell and we moved Daniel back to his own room. WHO KNOWS.

IMG_1937 IMG_1938

9 thoughts on “Room sharing

  1. I want to put my boys together also, and I keep hesitating. Elijah still goes down earlier than Jack by about 45 minutes, but I really need to take Jack’s pacifier away. I thnk to myself that it would be better to do that before moving them together in case that is a rough transition. But then I think if Jack is quiet with his pacifier, it would be more likely that Elijah stays asleep. And is is why it’s so easy to hesitate!

  2. Eli & Patrick STILL take 1-2 hours to get to sleep and they’ve been sharing a room for about 2 years. The only way we’ve found to avoid it is staggering, but Patrick has started fake-yawning and sends himself to bed if Eli’s bedtime is first just so they can play. Kids.

  3. We moved our two boys in together and then back out again. haha. However, they will have to share soon cuz the baby is gonna have his own room for awhlle. It’s always something.

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