18 months

Daniel is 18 months old today. 18 months! I’ve hardly adjusted to the fact that he turned one, and here we are six months later. He’ll have his well visit next week. (I think. It got rescheduled a bunch of times, so I have it written down in different places on about 3 different days. Thank goodness for reminder calls.) Anyway, here’s what he’s like at 18 months:

He pulls to stand on EVERYTHING, and can reach farther than I expect. (Which is how he ended up pulling my soda off the dining room table.)

He cruises! He still prefers to drop and crawl, but he will cruise around the coffee table with some coaxing.

He crawls on four point all the time now. He’ll still belly crawl occasionally, but hands and knees is now  the norm. He also bear crawls, particularly if he’s outside on the concrete.

He will, adorably, crawl around trying to catch his shadow, stopping periodically to wave at it. (Seriously, it’s the cutest.)

Unloading the tupperware cabinet is his new favorite activity. Unfortunately he also likes trying to unload any other cabinet he can get in, and too many of them have glass dishes.

Although he knows the signs for milk, more, all done, and eat, he prefers to take your hands and make YOU do them. He still doesn’t say any words.

He rarely gets mad when you take things away from him. However, try to take away an iphone and he’ll scream bloody murder.

He can drink out of a sippy cup, but he prefers to throw it so he still gets a bottle 3 times a day.

He continues to be adorable.


10 thoughts on “18 months

  1. OH MY GOODNESS HE IS THE CUTEST JUST LOOK AT HIM. I want to squeeze him! I know I at least have gotten the chance to squeeze him once, but that was over a year ago!

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