Pregnancy so far

Well, here I am at 16 weeks already. Here’s how this pregnancy has been so far:

More nausea than with Kalena or Will, but less than with Daniel. Enough to need unisom, but not enough to keep me from doing the dishes. (I couldn’t stand to deal with dirty dishes when I was pregnant with Daniel. Brian did them every time. For 16 weeks. And we didn’t have a dishwasher.) Also, as long as I’m on unisom I can eat most anything. Even with the unisom there were very few things I could stomach while pregnant with Daniel. However, too much sugar makes me feel sick.

This is the first pregnancy where I have very specific foods that I want. With Kalena and Will I wanted orange juice, but other than that nothing specific. Here’s the stuff I’ve been craving this time around:

Asiago cheese bagels. Toasted, with plain cream cheese.

Spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s

Nacho cheese. On anything.

English muffins. Mostly breakfast sandwiches with egg, american cheese, and turkey lunchmeat, but also toasted with butter, or cream cheese, or nutella.

American cheese. Cheddar cheese sounds really gross these days.

Diet coke. Earlier in the pregnancy I got some ginger ale thinking it would help with the nausea, but I couldn’t even stand to drink it. I just wanted diet coke.

Good thing I’m craving such healthy nutritional food, eh?

I’m feeling the baby move, although not regularly yet. I’m also already having periodic braxton hicks contractions. They didn’t start until WAY at the end with Kalena and Will, but they started at about 18 weeks with Daniel. Maybe I just notice more because this is 4th baby? I dunno. 

I feel like I’m just as big this time around as I was with the others, even though I started this pregnancy at a lower weight. I’ve put on about 16 lbs so far, which puts me on track to gain 40 lbs. I gained 40 with Kalena and would probably have gained 40 with Daniel except that when I got gestational diabetes that diet stopped my weight gain altogether (and I lost a couple pounds.) I only gained 27 with Will. Not sure why that one was so different. I *am* big enough that I’ve already had a stranger comment on my pregnancy.

I’ve had trouble with my right knee this time around. I didn’t hurt it, but it aches pretty constantly. I finally got one of those knee support/brace things and wearing that seems to help. Sure makes me feel like an old lady though. 

Headaches have been a big problem for me this time, but I finally figured out they were heat related. Now as long as I can avoid getting overheated things are better. (I still get headaches, but not EVERY SINGLE DAY like I was.) Fortunately for me that will just get better as the weather cools off.

I think that about sums it up. How about a picture?


16 thoughts on “Pregnancy so far

  1. That giant wood front door sure has seen it’s share of memorable photos, hasn’t it? From dance recitals to Halloween costumes to high school dances to pregnancy belly shots. Thankfully there were no pregnant high school dances! That would be a terrible mix-up. You’re looking great, can’t wait to see it in person this week!

  2. Can I just say, “How old is that cardigan?!!” Isn’t it from when I worked at Charlotte? Anyway- you look great, and I love hearing about the crazy cravings. I’m not jealous, but I’m very happy for you!

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