22 week update

My ultrasound is on Tuesday. We opted not to do any prenatal testing again this pregnancy. I wrote some of my thoughts on prenatal testing here, but I did seriously consider it this time around. This is a new place for me, being pregnant after having a baby with Down syndrome, and I considered the idea that prenatal testing could reassure me that everything is normal. In the end I decided that it wouldn’t do what I wanted. Either it would be good news, and I’d wonder if it was wrong, or it wouldn’t be good news and I’d have the rest of the pregnancy to dwell on it. And really? I am WELL AWARE that things don’t always go as expected. SO. No testing.

I’ve also decided not to find out the sex of the baby at the ultrasound. Now, I can’t actually promise that I won’t give in to temptation while I’m in there and find out anyway! But I think it’ll be fun not to know. It’ll probably make naming a ridiculous challenge (we have a hard enough time when we DO know!) but OH WELL.

I’m feeling pretty good in general, although I’ve definitely hit some sort of tipping point in this pregnancy. I went to yoga last week and suddenly WHOA everything is harder. I’ve been going fairly regularly since the beginning and I’ve had to modify here and there, but last week it was like a switch was flipped. I now need to modify almost all the poses, I can’t hold them as long, and everything just takes more effort. I’m noticing it in daily stuff too. It’s harder for me to get up and down off the floor for diaper changes. I get winded going up and down the stairs. Hauling Daniel around on my hip is extra tiring. (All that stuff also gives me Braxton Hicks contractions. Fun!)

Anyway. Here’s how I look these days:


22 & 22 weeks.

9 thoughts on “22 week update

  1. Congrats! I am 18 wks 2 days. I did do the screening but was uncertain about doing it. This is our first child and I am over 35 so I wanted to make sure everything was good. Thinking about it after the fact if things had come back abnormal, it may not have been the best idea since I would be stressed the rest of my pregnancy. We have decided to not find out the sex! That is a tradition in my family, we are really excited about it but have had a lot of friends disagree with this decision!

  2. Yes I’m with Jen! I am SUCH a good secret keeper and I want to knooooooow!!!!

    (Also you are adorable. How are you so adorable? Please spend all your days being pregnant. You look better doing it than anyone else I know.)

  3. NYC girl’s family tradition goes back a loong way… like, since the day Eve got pregnant from Adam and people spent the next few thousand years not finding out, with a recent and relatively minor 30 – 40 year gap of sneak peaks thanks to technology. I’d say that’s a pretty solid family tradition. I am excited for you not to know since it gives me 100% chance of getting all those baby clothes off my hands. SEE YA, Rubbermaid storage bins! HELLO, closet space!

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