It’s November again, and you know what that means? NaBloPoMo! I’ve been slacking on my blogging lately, and what better way to get back in the habit than making myself blog EVERY DAY?! Okay, I won’t lie, this is the first year I’m committing myself to this that I feel like I might not actually manage it. Everything is so BUSY lately. But! I’m committing anyway. Because I’ve done it every year I’ve been blogging, and I can’t just up and quit.

So. Shall we start with this week’s pregnancy update? I’m now 23 weeks. Ish. By my calculations I am 23 weeks today, but my doctors records have me turning 23 weeks on Monday. (I won’t argue, because a few extra days before the due date is a good thing when you’re wanting a VBAC.) Anyway. I had my ultrasound on Tuesday. All the measurements were great, and all the organs look good, so woohoo! And I resisted finding out the sex, so the suspense continues. This is the first pregnancy where I truly forget sometimes that I’m pregnant. Like, I’ll catch a glimpse of my belly and wonder when I gained so much weight, or I’ll feel the baby kicking and think, “What IS that?” I guess having 3 other kids is a little distracting.

Here’s the belly this week:


8 thoughts on “November!

  1. I felt that way with my last pregnancy- I’d be driving and think, “Man, this seat belt is tight! When did I get so fat?” Then look down and see a baby belly! Haha. You look great! I’m still annoyed that you’re not finding out. How excited would Kalena be if it were a girl?!! Find out for her!!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I just finished up a blog-every-day challenge for the Down Syndrome Awareness Month in Oct … next year you could do 2 straight months! 🙂 I didn’t find out the gender for either of my kids (although w/my son they gave us an u/s pic that was kinda obvious), but I enjoyed not finding out until the birth. Hope the next few months go easy on you!

    • I actually did 31 for 21 AND NaBloPoMo last year. It about killed me and then I didn’t blog for most of December or January. I opted for November this year since I’ve done it every year I’ve blogged. But I plan on including Ds stuff!

  3. I’ve only been pregnant the once, so that whole “forgetting until being surprised by the belly” thing is blowing my mind. I’ve heard a couple of people mention it, too. It sounds so insane, but I suppose no pregnancy can be so absorbing as the one that results in the kid currently running around being all demanding.

    Also, I’m so excited you’re not finding out!

    • I feel like I’ve always been pretty aware of my pregnancies, so I’m not sure if it’s the 3 kids I already have running around, or the amount of denial I’m in about the whole thing that’s causing it 🙂

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