Pumpkin carving time

Hey! We carved pumpkins! Before Halloween even! And by “we” I mostly mean Brian. The kids did a little better with scooping out pumpkin guts this year. (Last year Kalena got a handful of pumpkin goop and gagged and that was the end of that.) But the adults are still doing the majority of the work here. We skipped the pumpkin patch this year because October was crazy, so the kids had to settle for Wal-Mart pumpkins. Spoiler: they didn’t care. Anyway, pictures!

Will was an enthusiastic pumpkin-gut-scooper.



Kalena was decidedly daintier about it. (Actually, her pumpkin was being carved at this point, she just wanted to show me a seed.)



For the first time ever we used templates. And again, by “we” I mean “Brian” because my big contribution was printing them. Kalena wanted a Cinderella pumpkin, so that’s what she got! She was very pleased.



Will insisted on an oviraptor on his pumpkin and nothing else would do. (I offered Buddy from Dinosaur Train, but NOPE. Make the oviraptor happen!) I actually did carve this one, but then Brian had to fix it a lot. (I’m not even sure that template is an oviraptor. I just printed out the closest silhouette I could find.) I tried to get a picture of Will WITH his pumpkin like I did for Kalena, but he insisted he needed to look at it, so the only thing I could get was him looking at the pumpkin, with it turned partly away from me. So.


And Daniel carefully selected this penguin. Alright fine, that’s Tux the Linux penguin and I picked it because I knew Brian would love it. Because we’re both giant nerds. That is Daniel’s pumpkin though!




Sadly, it was unseasonably warm the week after we carved them (before Halloween) so they got pretty wilted and sad looking before trick-or-treating. Usually around here it’s plenty cold enough that carved pumpkins will hold up well for at least a couple weeks. Oh well.

8 thoughts on “Pumpkin carving time

  1. Holy pumpkin awesomeness, Batman. I don’t “get” the Linux penguin, but I like that it says “Believe” under him on the placemat. I believe in you, Linux penguin guy! Our pumpkins were plane-jane faces, but an exciting twist was that over the period of a few days a squirrel gradually ate away Eli’s pumpkin face. Oooooooh, gory!

  2. So cute! I’m impressed with your pumpkin-carving skills!

    We got our pumpkin at Wal-Mart this year, and the next time I took Alexander to Wal-Mart, he asked “Get another pumpkin?” As if that’s the only reason we could possibly be going to the store.

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