A couple weeks ago Kalena came down with a cold (complete with coughing until she puked! Fun times!) Then, several days in she started complaining that her throat hurt. At first I wrote it off as part of the cold, but THEN she started telling me things like “It hurts when I swallow my drink” and “This ice water is making my throat feel worse.” At which point I figured there was probably something more going on. (My actual thought was, “Hmmm. Sounds like strep.”) That was last Friday (the 25th) and although the pediatrician’s office is generally great about getting you in the same day they didn’t have any appointments left by the time I called. My options at that point where to go to urgent care or to wait until the next morning and call again. (They do Saturday appointments, but only same day.) I still wasn’t TOTALLY convinced that it was more than just a sore throat to go with her cold (no fever! other cold symptoms!) so I opted to wait and call Saturday morning. Well, 8:30 am visit and a quick strep test was positive. So antibiotics and no church Halloween party for her.

Daniel had also caught Kalena’s cold and was a runny-nosed mess over the weekend, then on Tuesday took a sharp turn for the worse. Suddenly he was crying inconsolably and refusing to eat or drink anything. Fortunately they got us in before lunch on Wednesday and surprise, surprise! Daniel has strep. Again with no fever and with other cold symptoms. (Also, both of them had a pin-prick looking rash on their torsos. Apparently that’s the precursor to scarlet fever. FUN.) Another prescription for antibiotics and instructions to just call if Will comes down with symptoms. No need for a third visit!

(That visit means I get to continue my 5 year streak of never taking a child to the doctor for a virus. Every sick visit I’ve made has ended in an antibiotic prescription.)

Anyway, I figured 24 hours on the antibiotics and Daniel would be back to his usual chipper self. Oh MAN was I wrong. There has been SO much crying over here. Yesterday he fussed and fussed because I wasn’t getting his breakfast fast enough, then WAILED when I gave it to him. And then threw it all on the floor. Also? Apparently sleep isn’t necessary when you have strep! Why sleep when you can whine and cry and sob until someone picks you up and then thrash around in their arms? It’s been a bad few days is what I’m saying. He seems to FINALLY be getting back to normal today. Fingers crossed it stays that way. There’s been a lot of this going on:


15 thoughts on “Strep

  1. That could have passed for a picture of me with Ethan today, and the symptoms sound shockingly similar, though I suspect different reasons: we cold turkey took away his bottles and the man is inconsolable. Throws his sippy cups when offered, lays on the floor and whine-cries, and is generally a pain in my rear. I try to love him, but…lean in closer, it’s a secret… *I don’t love him right now.* If it continues I’ll take him to the doc to check for strep, maybe it was the world’s worst timing and all this while I think he hates sippies when really he hates strep!

  2. Poor all of you! That is such a sad face that Daniel is sporting! Hoping Will stays healthy and that Daniel feels better fast. And I’m super impressed by your five year track record–you’ve got great intuition about when to take them in!

  3. Poor babies. And poor Mama. Sickness sucks.

    I have the same sick visit record, but with one exception. I have caved and taken kids to the doctor when my husband has whined “I’m sure they need to go to the doctor! They are really sick!” And those times I was right and he was wrong. But every time I have taken them of my own volition, I have been right.

  4. aw, poor things. I hope everyone starts feeling better ASAP! Strep is one of the worst

    I tested positive for strep once and my throat wasn’t even sore! I forget what I was at the doctor for, but they were doing their usual ear, nose, throat check and apparently my throat looked bad so they swabbed it. It took everyone by surprise.

    • My first experience with strep was the opposite! I had a sore throat leaving town for the weekend and by the time we got back and I got diagnosed it was SO bad I didn’t feel better until I was finished with the antibiotics.

  5. Ohhhh, sad sad baby šŸ˜¦ The one time I had strep I also felt so bad it took the entire course of meds to start feeling better. Two years later I remember it in vivid detail. Makes me much more sympathetic towards the sick babies, but geez, after a few days it gets pretty tiresome doesn’t it?? I also have an amazing streak of only ever taking kids to the doc when they need meds. Which is still…a LOT of doctor visits. :/ Hope everyone is well on the mend.

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