We had our first parent teacher conference a couple weeks ago. (Well, alright, her preschool did them too, but this is her first in grade school.) She’s doing well and making progress, blah blah blah. I didn’t expect any problems. But I was especially pleased to hear a couple of the things her teacher had to say about her. (This is the part where you quit reading if you don’t want to hear me brag about my child.)

First, her teacher told us that Kalena is maybe the hardest working student she’s ever seen. She said Kalena always does her best and tries her hardest, even when things obviously aren’t easy for her. On everything they work on, every activity they do, she works hard. I love to hear this because you can’t MAKE a kid try harder. Being a hard worker will pay off for her far more than being ahead of her peers would.

The second was that Kalena is very focused and likes to gently remind others to stay on task. Her teacher clarified that Kalena isn’t bossy about it, she isn’t trying to force others to do what they’re supposed to, she just likes to encourage the other students to get back to what they should be doing. We laughed about this because she does it all the time at home to Will. “Will, you’re supposed to be helping me pick up.” or “Will, mom told us we need to be quiet while Daniel is asleep.” or “Remember Will, we’re supposed to be finding our shoes!” I know she does this because she’s a rule-follower, but what I appreciate is that she knows she’s not the one in charge. It irritates me when other kids order my kids around, even if they are trying to enforce a rule, because guess what small person? YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS. (Does that make sense? I hope so.) Anyway, she’s gotten two “Eagles Tickets” (a note sent home to parents of good behavior) for staying focused during “read to self” time. I also had to laugh about that since often when she doesn’t nap I send her back to her room with books to “read” to herself. It’s been good practice I guess!

Her teacher was also sad when we confirmed rumors of our impending move (our nephew who is also in kindergarten, although with a different teacher, spilled the beans.) and said she loves having Kalena in class and will be sorry to see her go.

And this concludes the “bragging about my child” portion of the evening.

14 thoughts on “Conferencing

  1. It’s nice when professionals confirm the things you like about your kid. I always suspected Erica was bright, but having six different teachers describe her so was really exciting for me. Yay Kalena!
    I totally get what you’re saying about other kids bossing yours around. Drives me crazy when there’s a bossy kid around. One of Erica’s friends is like that (at 13!) and I have to bite my tongue when she’s around. Fortunately, Erica recognizes it, and just lets it roll off her back, but man, it annoys me!

    • I was super happy to hear it from the teacher because she often refuses to try for me. :-/ In fact, I always have Brian supervise her homework because her standard line to me is, “I don’t know how to do that.” Even when she does.

  2. Trying hard is underrated. I envy my husband’s work ethic, and I hope my kids inherit it way, way more than I want them to inherit my ability to score high on standardized tests.

  3. Awwww, it’s so lovely to hear those nice reports about your kid. Academics are important, of course, but I am aware we can only influence that so much. Behavior, however, I feel like we get to take a little more credit for 😉 Good work, Kalena.

  4. Kalena sounds like such a sweet girl, and yay for a good parent teacher conference! Working hard is so important!! (And brag away! What good is it to have a blog if you can’t talk about how great your kids are??)

  5. That’s so wonderful! I hope when I eventually am at parent-teacher conferences, my kids’ teachers have as many positive things to say as Kalena’s teacher does.

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