Every morning after Kalena goest to school I get a little time with just these adorable boys. Pajamas are the favorite thing to wear. Of course.

Daniel is So Big! Will is suspicious of the camera.


I think I’ll always think of Will like this: finger in his mouth, snuggled up with his Buster Bear.


Laundry basket fun. Will told me they were lizards in cages at the zoo. Daniel wasn’t so sure about that.


Okay, maybe lizards in cages is alright.


5 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. SO BIG!!! Is that as unbearably adorable in person as it is in photos?

    Also, sleepy kids with fingers/thumbs in their mouths and snuggling their loveys…Damn, I really need to have just one more…

  2. Aside from trapping their younger brother in one, my kids love to ride the laundry baskets down the stairs. We have a few of those same square white ones, which don’t work, so they use the few long ones we have. Some entertainment is timeless.

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