New shoes

Did I mention that one of the things the physical therapist recommended for Daniel was orthotic inserts for his shoes? Well she did. See, in addition to low muscle tone, people with Down syndrome have loose tendons and ligaments. For Daniel that’s manifesting in a tendency to roll his ankles in toward each other when he stands. (It’s a common problem.) Sometimes that will correct on its own, but more often it just gets worse with time. Having Daniel wear shoes with orthotics should give his ankles the support they need to keep them from rolling.

The therapist brought the inserts over this week so we figured we just go pick up some shoes and get Daniel used to them. BUT. The PT recommended we use the inserts in lace up tennis shoes. Lace up shoes are more supportive since you can get them on tighter than with velcro or whatever else. And APPARENTLY nobody wants to lace toddlers into tennis shoes. (And really, I get that. I generally don’t put my kids in shoes at all until they’re walking.) We went to 6 stores before we found a single pair of lace up tennis shoes in his size. Fortunately we did finally find some. Obviously we bought them (you know, since they’re the only pair IN EXISTENCE.) Then we had some fun times trying to get them on Daniel. Took us an embarrassingly long time to figure out that we needed to take out the insoles to get the shoes to fit. (The orthotic inserts on top of the insoles didn’t leave enough room for any feet in there.)

SO. Shoes purchased, orthotics added, shoes on Daniel. But will the kid leave them alone? Absolutely not. Every time I turned around he’d pulled one of them off. The therapist recommended he wear them basically all the time he’s awake, so should be fun times for me  putting his shoes back on every 30 seconds. Hopefully he gets used to them soon and starts leaving them alone!

4 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. We found that little skater-dude type shoes (like DC Shoe) worked really well. They were super wide and nicely accommodated the orthotics while leaving some room for foot. I think that Pacey got better about wearing them when they weren’t so pinch-y. Good practice for getting him used to wearing glasses, should you have to go down that road 🙂

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