24 weeks

Well, 24 weeks now. Things are about the same. I’ve gained a total of 29 lbs so far which actually puts me on track to gain the most weight I’ve gained with any of my pregnancies. Obviously I’m not super happy about that, but I also started this pregnancy at a lower weight than any of my others so maybe it’ll even out? (Or maybe I’ll get gestational diabetes again and quit gaining all together! Again!) Also, luckily for me my OBs office only tracks weight gain from the 10 week appointment, so according to those records I’ve only gained 19 lbs. Which means nobody is lecturing me on gaining too much weight. A couple things I forgot to mention after my ultrasound appointment:

First, the placenta is anterior, meaning it’s on the front side. This may interfere with how much I feel the baby move. Hopefully not too much. There’s also a small possibility of placenta accreta (where the placenta attaches too deeply to the uterine wall) because I’ve had a previous c-section. Fortunately I’ve only had one c-section (risk increases quite a bit with each successive c-section) and I don’t have placenta previa (which also increases the risk.)

Second, I have the paperwork to get my glucose test done. Because I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy I’m at a higher risk of having it again. Somewhere between 35-60% of women have it a second time. Anyway, I mentioned to my OB that I’d just like to skip the 1 hour test and go straight to the 3 hour since I only passed the 1 hour during my pregnancy with Kalena. Soooo, the doctor gave me 2 options. Option 1, do the 1 hour test and if I fail, assume I have gestational diabetes. Go straight to low carb diet and checking my blood sugar 4 times a day. Option 2, skip the 1 hour and do the 3 hour. Obviously if I fail that, I have gestational diabetes and I’ll switch to the low carb diet and checking my blood sugar 4 times a day. I’m leaning toward just doing the 3 hour test since I’d rather not do all that testing if I don’t NEED to. It’s a giant pain. Now my only problem is when to go get the test done since, Hey! Not taking two small children with me to sit in a blood lab for 3 hours! (Kalena would be in school.)

And here’s what I look like this week.



I like this dress, but I have to laugh because there’s a wide band of fabric under the bust line before the belly portion, as if there’s ANY space on my torso under by bust before my belly starts. Hahahaha, NO.

7 thoughts on “24 weeks

  1. I had an anterior placenta with Avery and at about week 15 I was like, “why haven’t I felt her yet?” But after about week 20 I felt her just as much as my others. You look super cute!

  2. That dress was one of my very favorite pregnancy outfits. I wore it in the triple-pregnant photo with you and Amy! It’s a keeper. AND – I’m 99% positive – it’s not actually a maternity dress! Possibly the reason for the panel. So it’s a keeper AFTER pregnancy as well!

  3. I always gain a pretty good chunk of my pregnancy weight before I even get to the first doctor’s appointment so my doctor is always “your weight is right on track!” And I am always “mmmm hmmm, sounds good to me.” I get why they keep track of weight gain and watch it and all, but I think a lot of women fall outside of their “normal” limits.

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