Room sharing update

Well, the boys are still sharing a room! We split them up periodically: when we have company and sleeping arrangements are weird, while Daniel was sick and getting up multiple times a night, etc. Generally though, they’re in the same room.

Bedtime has gotten significantly better; they no longer keep each other up for hours before going to sleep. Actually, I think Daniel misses Will when they aren’t in the same room. They do wake up earlier in the room together than when they’re split up, but they still don’t get up nearly as early as Kalena (most days.) Generally they’re up by about 6:15. When they were in separate rooms it was usually between 6:45 and 7. So it’s not THAT much earlier. Adding a fan for white noise helped a TON with Daniel waking up in the night. Will is quite a noisy sleeper.

I’m glad it’s working out well since chances that we’ll move into a house with 4 bedrooms when we move to Kansas City are basically zero. We can’t stick either of the boys with Kalena, because she gets up every morning at 5 and then thinks everyone else should be awake too. She knows not to come wake us up before 6, but anyone in her room is fair game (in her mind.) Then the only other option would be to stick Daniel in OUR room and no thanks on that. Anyway, woohoo for room sharing!

4 thoughts on “Room sharing update

  1. We just put the girls in the same room this month and it’s going about the same. For some reason the fact that they are waking up 45 minutes earlier is just KILLING ME. We bought them that ok to wake clock that turns green when they can come get us, but that has only been mildly successful. In retrospect, it was not the brightest idea to make the move right around the time change, but oh well. I feel bad complaining since you have a 5 am waker though – ahh! GO BACK TO SLEEP, KALENA!!!

    • Right? 30 min isn’t that long but it SEEMS long. Fortunately we have a system worked out with Kalena- she’s allowed to get up at 6 am (she has an okay to wake nightlight) at which point she comes into our room, gets an ipad and plays/watches netflix until we’re ready to get up.

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