New baby: the kids’ perspective

Here’s how the kids are handling the fact that we’ll be adding a new baby next year. They ask me a million questions. Usually the same ones. For example:

When the baby comes, will *Daniel* still be a baby? Or will he be a big kid?

How come your tummy keeps getting bigger?

Can I feel the baby kick? (So far they haven’t.)

Is the baby kicking NOW?

Will the baby come to Kansas City with us? (Not grasping the concept that the baby will be born in Kansas City.)

Can the baby sleep in MY room?? (This is Kalena’s.)

However, there are some things about which they have no questions. For instance, Kalena and Will are both SURE the baby is a girl. So sure that they constantly use “she” when discussing the baby. They use it so much that I find myself thinking of the baby as a “she” also. (I’m trying not to do that though.) Also, they both think we should name her “Beautiful Princess.” Obviously they have no boy name suggestions. I get the feeling they’re going to be disappointed in the name, whatever we choose. And don’t worry, Kalena reassures me that if this baby is a boy I can “just have another one!”

The good news is, they’re both very excited to have another sibling. And Will isn’t hoping it’ll be a dinosaur instead so that’s a step in the right direction!

12 thoughts on “New baby: the kids’ perspective

  1. Oh I can’t wait to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl! It was so exciting, finding out when Hazel was born.

    And if we have another baby down the road (we hope to, eventually), I think it will be so neat to see how Eliza and Hazel react to the pregnancy, etc. Eliza was a bit too young to grasp what was happening, or talk about it (she was 20 months when Hazel was born). Your kids are so adorable.

    • It’s so much fun this time! Kalena was 19 months when Will was born, so yeah, too young to really get it. Even with Daniel she was excited for a new baby, but much less curious about the process than this time.

  2. Elizabeth’s plan for a baby sister persists, even though I’ve finally gotten her to agree that she has to wait longer. But she never gave up on the “if it is a boy, just have another!”

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