Daniel’s evaluation

Daniel had another early intervention evaluation yesterday. They happen every six months to reevaluate goals and see how therapy is going. He’s met some of his goals: pulling to stand and cruising along furniture. Imitating sounds. Playing social games. Others weren’t met exactly, but we discarded them anyway. For instance: says “hi” and “bye.” He still doesn’t say them, but he does wave, so he’s *communicating* hi & bye. Those particular words aren’t any more important than other words in terms of speech. (We really didn’t word that goal well to start with.) Anyway, here are his goals for the next 6 months. (Test my memory here to see if I can remember them all.)

1: Walking independently. This is one that we had set at the last evaluation knowing it was a stretch. Hopefully we’ll actually make it this time! (This particular goal is a big reason we brought in the physical therapist and got him fitted for orthotics.)

2: Imitate words and sounds. This was one of his goals last time too, but he’s still not saying any words, so even though he’ll imitate some sounds we’re leaving it on there.

3: Eat with a utensil. So far handing Daniel a spoon results in said spoon being thrown immediately on the floor.

4: Transition from a bottle to a sippy cup. Daniel is capable of drinking out of a sippy cup, but mostly he won’t.

5: Point to something he wants. I’ll really have to work at modeling this one. I’m not much of a pointer.

I feel like there was one more, but if so I’ve forgotten already. Good thing my short term memory is so great. Woohoo for goals!

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