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I have some ideas for posts rambling around in my head, but can’t get my thoughts together on any of them tonight, so how about some random tidbits about me? Great. Here you go.

1. I love to read, but I’m not a fan of being read to. I don’t like audio books for this reason. I keep trying them, because I could get stuff done WHILE listening to a book, but no. Unless the narrator is fabulous I just can’t do it.

2. While we’re on the subject of reading, I rarely notice swearing in books. If you ask me whether a book has bad language or not I probably can’t tell you. (Unless it’s REALLY excessive.) However, I DO notice it if I’m listening to an audiobook. I don’t know why.

3. If I have seen a movie, I can tell you whether it has vomit in it. Growing up with Kari who is a total vomit-phobe has made me hyper aware of it. It used to be I paid attention so I could warn her, but now it’s just habit. (Although she HAS called me as an adult and asked about a movie. Her husband was sure I wouldn’t know. I did.)

4. I love to bake, but I cannot seem to manage anything with yeast. I can make pie, cake, cookies, brownies, (basically any baked dessert) but I can’t make a loaf of bread to save my life.

5. My feet are tiny. I wear a size 5 1/2 (6 when I’m pregnant.) Did you know lots of stores don’t even stock smaller than a size 6 in women’s shoes? I’ve been known to buy from the kids’ section, especially tennis shoes.

6. I have a pretty high tolerance for singing toys, even if the songs are obnoxious, but toys that make non-music noise drive me insane. For instance, the kids toy vacuum makes a “vacuuming” noise and I canNOT tolerate it. It hasn’t had new batteries since the first set died. Also? The noise that the little motorized trains make. Can’t deal.

7. I can’t stand melon of any kind. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, it’s all disgusting. I try watermelon every couple years because it LOOKS good, but nope. Still don’t like it. Can’t even do cantaloupe flavored jelly-bellies.

8. I love the IDEA of dressing up for Halloween, but every year when it comes down to it I can’t stand to spend the money on something I’ll only wear for a few hours. I shouldn’t be surprised by this, seeing as I wore a $20 sundress to get married in.

9. As a teenager I always figured that when I was “a grown up” I’d have a whole matched bedding set with a comforter and pillow shams and decorative pillows. Turns out I don’t like decorative pillows and I prefer traditional quilts to comforters.

10. I really hate watching TV because I find commercials obnoxious. I also hate waiting for new episodes every week. I basically only watch shows I can get on Netflix.

So. Anything random you’d like to share about yourself?

12 thoughts on “this & that

  1. 10 – I completely agree. I also don’t want Katja exposed to all of the “You must buy this to be happy and accepted and cool!” messages. They make me angry.

    My feet are ridiculously wide. Different problem than small feet, but difficult at times. The first time I found a pair of heels that would fit it was because a friend of mine who was a drag queen took me to a store that specialized in shoes that made men’s feet look good and comfortable in heels and such. I never got good at walking in them, but at least it’s nice to know they exist.

    Heh. I got married in a sundress, too. I think mine was $80 because I fell in love with it. I still wear it regularly.

    Do you want a very forgiving bread recipe? I can send you one. My mom made it every Sunday morning for many years and it has convinced several people that bread is actually not impossible.

    I have been caffeinating all day to make up for getting up at 3:15 and not going back to sleep. I think perhaps I should crash now. Have a good weekend!

    • I’d love a forgiving bread recipe! I think my biggest problem with bread is I’ve never watched anyone make it. So much of baking is knowing how things should look/feel at various stages.

  2. I was born with a large hemangioma birthmark on my right cheek. It was bright purple for so many years and finally faded away by grade school. The skin is still oddly textured but not doscolored.

    Related: everytime she sees a child with that purple birthmark, she reassures the parent that it DOES go away. I think she was terrified it wouldn’t.

    My feet are nearly 2x the size of yours!

  3. Cantaloupe is the only melon I like. I should love watermelon growing up in the South but I just don’t think it has much flavor. Same with honeydew, only worse. Tastes like eating solid water to me.

  4. Oh, girl, you have some TINY FEET. Wow!

    And T is with Kari, so I’m with you on #3. I tell him to cover his eyes and then I mute the tv and sometimes fast forward if I can.

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