Will at almost 4

Will is going to be four years old next month which is kind of blowing my mind. When did he get so old?! Anyway, here are some tidbits about Will.

His parrot costume at Halloween really was appropriate. He often repeats Kalena word for word, especially when they’re telling me what they’d like to do. It’s quite amusing, because he wouldn’t construct sentences like that on his own.

He still uses the “w” sound in lots of words that don’t actually have it. For instance, “I am” sounds like “why wham” when he says it. And “for reals” sounds like “four wheels” (we tease him with that one a lot.)

When he wants someone’s attention he says “Excuse me” generally followed by the person’s name, although sometimes it’s “excuse me please” instead of a name. We taught the kids a while back that if they needed to interrupt someone they should say “excuse me” instead of just butting in, but Will has taken it a step farther and uses it ALL THE TIME. (Which I love. I just find the politeness extra adorable because he’s so young.) However, he insists on saying it until whoever he’s talking to acknowledges him. This has backfired on occasion. The other day he had a friend over and the conversation went like this:

Will: Excuse me! Excuse me, Jackson! Excuse me! Excuse me, Jackson! Excuse me, Jackson! Excuse me!

Jackson (staring at Will): If I’m looking at you it means I hear you.

Over and over and over.

He still sucks his finger and seems to not be anywhere close to giving it up, although we’ve successfully gotten him to stop for several days on a few occasions. (He won’t suck on it if he’s wearing a band aid. Goes right back to it when the band aid is off.) Nasty tasting nail polish has been employed to no effect. His answer varies if you ask when he’s going to quit. Sometimes he’ll pick an age, “When I’m 7.” Sometimes just a generic, “When I’m a big boy. I’m still a little boy.” Sometimes it’s contingent on something, “When we get a dog.” So WHO KNOWS.

The dinosaur obsession is still going strong. It also includes crocodiles and sometimes extends to other reptiles and to sharks. The other day the kids were asking me to spell different words and Will’s choices were: crocodile, dinosaur, fish, super croc, and ichthyosaurus. (I didn’t even attempt the last one. I told him we could look it up.)

While he and Daniel play in the morning he usually declares Daniel to be his baby animal. What kind of animal they are varies (about every 3 minutes) but he’s the daddy and Daniel is the baby.

He likes to watch me play Candy Crush. Seriously. He’ll snuggle up next to me on the couch and say, “Will you play canny crush?” His favorite is the growing chocolate, because he likes to watch it grow.

If you say “What?” to him (and you’re not asking him to clarify, just asking a general “what?”) his response is, “Nothin’ what yo-self?” It’s the best.

And that’s Will these days.





12 thoughts on “Will at almost 4

  1. I have an almost five year old and his Rs and Ls still mostly sound like Ws. (“Mommy, my favwite dino is the twicewatops.”) I will shed a tear, I admit, when this stops (and stop it must)!because it is so flippin’ cute. My oldest stepdaughter used to use pronouns incorrectly (“Us is going to the park today!”), and even though it had to stop, it was still a little sad.

    OH. And the DINOSAURS. Oh my heavens. My boys (6 and almost 5) like to watch those BBC documentaries, like Dinosaur Decoded. They can pronounce and remember (but not spell) things I never knew existed! So, yeah, I know where you’re coming from there…

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