25 weeks

I’m doing my glucose test this week. Very exciting huh?? I’m not looking forward to it. It hasn’t bothered me in the past, but this pregnancy I get super nauseated anytime I have a lot of sugar, especially if it’s sugar without anything else. So! Looks like I’ll get to spend 3 hours feeling like death. I’m probably setting myself up for for a disappointing Thanksgiving doing this the week before, but OH WELL.

In other news I called to reschedule an OB appointment today and they didn’t have the original appointment in their system. I was reading the time and the date from the little card they’d given me, but NOPE. Nothing there. Soooooo, good thing I didn’t just show up for that? I hope my new one actually got scheduled.

Otherwise: lots of braxton hicks, my knees hurt all the time, getting up from a seated position is an ordeal, and I’m starting to really hate any pants but yoga pants.

(My hair looks terrible because I washed it this morning and then didn’t do anything with it.)




6 thoughts on “25 weeks

  1. I have another pregnant friend who’s having trouble with sugar this time around, too. She’s about 17 weeks and recently tried one bite of brownie, only to puke 3 hours later. She is NOT EXCITED about the glucose test, not to mention having to get through the holidays without being able to eat sugar. No fun!

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