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It’s after 10 here, because there’s nothing that inspires me to write like last minute panic!

Actually, I was at book club this evening which is why I didn’t write sooner. And book club put me in the mood to write some bookish thoughts this evening (night.)

First, my Goodreads goal. My goal for this year was 50 books. It seemed totally doable! I mean, I belong to 2 book clubs so that’s already 2 books a month, so all I needed was to add 2 books a month of my own. Except then I got pregnant and basically quit reading. Now, if I want to make my goal I’d need to read like 17 books before the end of the year and you know what? Not happening. With Brian graduating and us moving and everything else going on I’ll be surprised if I read ANY more books before the end of the year. Oh well. Try again next year!

Related: 2 book clubs. Have I talked about this before? I’m in 2 book clubs. The first is more serious (and much longer running.) We take turns hosting, and the host provides some information on the author and the book to go with our discussion. The host also provides some sort of treats. (Because what’s a book club without treats, RIGHT?) This book club reads a little of everything. Classics, contemporary fiction, non-fiction, all kinds of stuff. We all have a say in what we read, we pick the next years worth of books in December, and then set up hosting based on who is most interested in what. The second book club is much more relaxed. We meet at Barnes & Noble, nobody has any info on anything, and those of us who have read it mostly discuss whether or not we liked it. (Often more people DON’T read the book than do.) This book club reads exclusively young adult stuff. And you know what? They’re both fun! I’m gonna have to find some new book clubs (at least one) when we move.

I love recommending a book that somebody else ends up loving. As a result I feel bad if I don’t love a book somebody else recommended to me. There’s SO much that factors into whether or not I like a book or not. And yet! I always WANT to like the books that get recommended to me.

I have a kindle app, and I’ve read books on a reader, but I still prefer actual books. I love the convenience of electronic reading, but it won’t be replacing books for me any time soon.

Any book thoughts from you?

12 thoughts on “Books and stuff

  1. I’m currently enjoying Gail Carriger’s books. Fluff, but quite entertaining. The Parasol Protectorate series is great and I’m starting the Espionage and something or other series, too. I’m addicted to reading!

  2. I always prefer books to my Kindle but I have read SO much more since my Kindle! Cheaper books, I flip through them faster and I can highlight with the touch of a finger.

    I still love bools. The way they look & feel. I just cannot buy them because they aways have to get moved!

  3. I belong to a fantasy/scifi book club on Facebook that you’d be welcome to join. We have a main group where we discuss general stuff, and then we set up an “event” each month for discussion about the book. We usually alternate an older book with a newer one. Just let me know if you want added.

  4. It appears my first comment got ate. If it didn’t, and this is a duplicate, I’m sorry!

    I belong to a Fantasy/Sci-Fi book club with friends on Facebook. We have a general group where we discuss what books to read, share deals or book suggestions, etc. Then each month we set up an “event” for the people who are reading the book of the month, to move discussion there. We usually alternate one “classic” or older Sci-Fi book, with a newer book. For example, this month we’re actually reading both Ender’s Game (as a nod to the movie release) and because some people objected to Orson Scott Card’s politics, they’re reading Animal Farm.

    Just let me know if you’d like an add!

    • Sounds fun! I’m definitely a fantasy/sci-fi fan. I’d love to be added, although I won’t lie, I’m probably not gonna read much of anything until after the baby is a few months old.

  5. I read almost exclusively on my iphone these days. I have a kindle, which I like too, but I do most of my reading in bed before I go to sleep, or when I’m nursing Hazel. My phone being itty bitty is actually a huge advantage for both these situations – it takes barely any effort to hold/prop it up in bed, and it juuuuust fits on the leftover space on my nursing pillow next to Hazel. Or on her tummy when she’s passed out.

    I also biffed my Goodreads goal (40, and I’m at 31). I fully blame Game of Thrones and Wolf Hall for taking too long.

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