I don’t even have a title today.

I’ve been up since 4 this morning (thanks insomnia!) so my thoughts are pretty much incoherent at this point. Will you settle for some random bullet points today? Well, doesn’t matter if you say no! It’s my blog!

  • One thing I forgot to mention in Will’s tidbits: when an online video is buffering he’ll tell you it’s “bumping.” As in, “Don’t worry mom, my show is just bumping.”
  • And something I forgot to mention with my bookish thoughts: I read a lot of behavioral science books. This is what happens when your dad is a psychologist and those kinds of books are laying around the house all the time.
  • I had my glucose tolerance test this morning. Despite my OB telling me I could do EITHER the 1 hr or the 3 hr, she sent orders for the 1 hr. Fortunately the nice phlebotomist let me do the 3 hr anyway (I explained my reasoning.) With Daniel they had the first 2 blood draw numbers in by the time I did my 3rd, so I knew I’d failed before I even left. Sadly that was not the case this time. They did have my 1 hour number back and it was BARELY under the limit. (The limit was 180, my reading was 179.) I’ll be calling my OB tomorrow to find out how the rest of the test went.
  • I made a schedule of the next six weeks, because that’s all the time we have before we move! ACK! We don’t even know where we’re gonna live yet! (It’s possible I’m panicking about all this. Just a smidge.)
  • I really hope I passed my glucose test because apparently my sisters have planned 1000 desserts for Thanksgiving.

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