Christmas gifts this year

I did a post like this last year and had NO trouble finding pictures and links for the stuff the kids were getting. This year? WHOA. I don’t know what the deal is, but some of this stuff I couldn’t find pictures of at all. Anyway! Here’s what the kids are getting this Christmas.


From Santa:

doll furniture

{picture from:}

This isn’t the exact set we got, ours has a bouncy seat instead of a pack-n-play, but you get the idea. She’s been wanting (and asking for) a doll stroller and furniture for a while.

In her stocking she’s getting a plastic giraffe toy (she’s got a thing for giraffes) and the movie Epic. (Those are also from Santa.)

From us:

Cinderella doll


{picture from:}

The Cinderella “toddler doll.” This was a specific request. Why Cinderella I’m not sure since it’s definitely not her favorite of the Disney movies.

And a book.

lady bug girl book


{picture from:}


We have 2 other Ladybug Girl books and she’s a big fan, so when they had this one as one of the $5 deals at her school book fair I picked it up.


From Santa:

dinosaur mountain


{picture from:}


A while ago Will saw some kind of dinosaur mountain in a toy catalog and he WANTED IT. Which would have been fine except that it was $70 and really didn’t look all that fun. (Definitely not $70 fun.) Anyway, I started googling around and found that there’s really not much in the way of dinosaur landscape type toys. But then! Then I found this toy from Imaginext. Exactly what I was looking for! Except they don’t manufacture it anymore. Thank goodness for eBay. (And for kids who are still too young to know/care if they’re getting used toys.) I found it other places new (the Sears website, for instance) where it costs hundreds of dollars. No. I paid less than $40 on eBay. It’s probably missing a few pieces, but nothing you’d notice. Anyway, it’s awesome. I’m very excited for him to get this.

In his stocking he’s getting a plastic dinosaur (one he doesn’t have! I didn’t know there were any!) and the movie The Croods.

From us:



{crappy picture from: my phone, 5 minutes ago}

You can’t really tell from the picture, but it’s a little bucket of dinosaurs and dino landscape pieces (rocks, trees, etc.) The dinosaurs are the perfect size to go with the other toy so when I saw this I knew he needed it. (We bought it at walmart. I couldn’t find pictures of this anywhere online.)

And a book.

Reptiles book


{picture from:}

Will’s Christmas really has a theme going on, doesn’t it? This was another $5 book I picked up at the school book fair.


Here’s where I tell you that I’ve finished shopping for the other 2 kids and have purchased nothing for Daniel yet. Whoops. He’ll probably only get a couple things since a) he doesn’t care and b) we’re about to move.

I’d like to get him a walker like this one:

playskool walker


{picture from:}

But it’s not being manufactured anymore. (We actually had this same one for Kalena, but the kids totally wore it out by the time Daniel came around.) I’ll still do a walker of some kind, but I haven’t decided on one yet.

I’d also like to get him this toy drum.

toy drum


{picture from:}

When my nephew had his birthday here back in September he got one of these and Daniel LOVED it. It’s been on the list since then.

And he’ll probably get a book 🙂

Do you know what your kids are getting for Christmas?


6 thoughts on “Christmas gifts this year

  1. Elizabeth just got two Ladybug Girl books for her birthday and she was so happy. We love Ladybug Girl!

    Matt’s doing most of Christmas presents but I ordered Elizabeth a new dress up Rapunzel dress for a present and a matching doll dress for her toddler doll.

  2. I don’t know if you have any kids’ resale shops near you or not but you might look there for the walker. We had one like the one you have pictured that was a hand-me down from a co-worker that I passed on to my nephew. I have since seen them at the consignment sales and at my resale shop.

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