We took the kids over to an exhibit called “Electricritters” at the zoo tonight. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a lot of fun! It’s hard to get good pictures of a lights show, so some of the pictures really show off the lights and in others you can see the kids faces, but I’m not sure I got any with both.

Electricritters sign! Plus Kari’s family in front. You can’t see them at all.


Will with a giant snake. Obviously one of his favorite displays.


3D gorilla swinging from a tree! And some enthralled kids underneath.


Kalena with a peacock.


A fire-breathing dragon. (Another favorite of Will’s, of course.)


Not dressed up in lights, but Hey! Kids on a camel statue!


Most of the displays were somewhat animated: penguins throwing snowballs, a beaver chopping down a tree, a crocodile eating a bird. The kids enjoyed it thoroughly in spite of the cold. And then we got to come home and have cake for all the winter-time birthdays! All in all an excellent evening.

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