Nothing much

I don’t want to get into that cycle where I don’t post anything because I just got done posting every day for a month so hey! Random stuff post today!

  • Out of nowhere Daniel can suddenly work a straw cup. This is AWESOME. We’ve been working on straw cups/sippy cups for MONTHS and he’s been able to work a sippy with a bite valve, but not very willing to do it. Now out of the blue he’s totally willing to drink out of a straw cup. Woohoo!
  • I’ve worked out the things that make my hips and back hurt: 1) Carrying Daniel around. 2) Standing for long periods of time. 3) Sitting on hard chairs or the floor. Those are in order of how bad they make things. This is unfortunate since Daniel doesn’t walk and I have to carry him on a regular basis. Often when I carry him my hips and back pop with every step. It is both painful and obnoxious. I’m sure the fact that I always carry him on my left side doesn’t help, but I’m basically incapable of carrying him on my right. Only 13 more weeks of this!
  • I only got one piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. I feel like I need to remedy this.
  • I’m pretty much over wearing maternity jeans. I’d like to spend the next 13 weeks in yoga pants or leggings or pj pants. Is that acceptable?
  • We’re on a serious mission to get Will to quit sucking his finger. Our method: pointer and middle finger on each hand taped together with first aid tape. (Having a band-aid/tape on his finger is so far the ONLY thing we’ve found that keeps it out of his mouth.) For each half day (we split by nap) he doesn’t suck on any fingers he gets a sticker on a calendar chart and a poker chip. His “tokens” can be saved to buy something (10 tokens gets a dollar store toy or an app he wants.) Or he can spend a single token for 30 minutes of time playing on an iPad. We’re a whopping ONE day into this sooooo I’ll keep you updated.
  • Sometimes I feel like I need my grown-up card revoked. For instance, Brian and I have been married 7 years, we’re working on baby number 4, and we don’t have a family picture bigger than an 8X10. Not even just of the 2 of us. BUT! I just ordered one of the ones Sally took in a 20X30 and I am VERY excited.


2 thoughts on “Nothing much

  1. Would you be willing to email me (do you have my email?) about how you worked with Daniel on a straw? Iris can’t quite work one and I’d love to help her figure it out, but for the life of me I have no idea how to do that.

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