29 weeks

Another 2 weeks in and everything is basically the same. I guess I’m officially in my 3rd trimester now, which seems impossible. I’ve gained almost 35 pounds, although the weight gain seems to be slowing down some. I had an OB appointment on the 2nd and everything is looking good. She also scheduled my next appointment a week early, so that she can seem me once more before we move. That’s nice since it means I won’t be due for an appointment like the day we get there. I have an OB to call on Monday in the area who does VBACs, so hopefully I’ll have a doctor lined out before we get there. I know not all doctors will take patients this far into a pregnancy. 

I’m still having lots of hip and back pain and my energy levels are super low, which I hate. I spend a lot of time sitting, WANTING to do stuff to get ready to leave and not being able to. It’s not my favorite. We do actually have a place to move to though! Did I mention this yet? Brian got in touch with his company’s relocation specialist and she found us a townhouse in the area we want to be in and we’re all set to go. I’m a little nervous about sharing walls with neighbors since our kids get up at the crack of dawn and are NOISY, so hopefully this place is pretty soundproof. Having a house set up means I should be able to call and get Kalena registered for school there, so that’ll be good too.

Anyway, here I am at 28 weeks.


And 29 weeks.



I’ve had several comments on suddenly looking bigger, and I believe it. I feel bigger. The pieces in my wardrobe that fit are dwindling in number. Especially pants. (Another good reason to switch to all yoga pants all the time.) 

We’ve made no progress on the name front. I’m getting a little worried that I’m gonna end up in labor before we even have a list of names we like. I’m not sure if it’s the move, or not finding out the sex, or just the fact that this is our fourth baby, but we haven’t even really discussed names. Probably something we should do.

7 thoughts on “29 weeks

  1. When Jon was born, his parents didn’t settle on a name for him for several months. Everyone just called him,”the baby”. True Story!. Just thought I’d throw in a little chuckle.

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