Conversations with Will

Will is at that awesome stage where almost everything he says is hilarious. Here’s a sampling of recent conversations.

Brian: Will, have you seen my watch? Did you put it somewhere?

Will: No. Beavers took it.

Brian: Beavers?

Will: Yes. Beavers took it and put it under the Christmas tree, so you know where it is.


Mostly if you ask him where something is and he doesn’t know, he’ll hold up a single finger and say, “Someplace tricky.” I really can’t argue with that.


Background on this one: our front door doesn’t latch very well, so unless you deadbolt it, a strong wind can blow it open. One day I came in from turning on the car to warm up and we had this conversation.

Will: Oh, it’s you! I thought it wuzza wind.

Me: Nope, just me. (Then I shut the door and didn’t lock it.)

Will: You got to wock dat, wadda you crazy?!


Background here: Will likes to watch me play Candy Crush. He doesn’t want to play, just to watch. One day he was watching me play and this happened.

Me: Well, sorry bud, I’m out of lives. I can’t play anymore.

Will: It’s okay. I’m not angry. Just disappointed.


He also often says, “You know.” in answer to questions where I decidedly do NOT know. For instance:

Me: Will, what do you want for lunch?

Will: Weeeellll, you know.


Me: Will, what do you think we should do today?

Will: Weeeellll, you know.


I pretty much want this stage to last forever.

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