Pregnancy update: weeks 33 & 34

It’s been a while since I updated about this pregnancy. I’m not even sure I managed a picture at 32 weeks. Anyway, I’m at 34 weeks now and had my first visit with my new OB today! I’ve gained about 35 lbs now, which surprises me since I had gained about 34 before we left Colorado. Apparently moving stress + lots and lots of stair climbing = no weight gain. I’m still wearing my wedding ring too, which I’ve never done this long. Usually I can manage about the first trimester and then my fingers get too fat. (Probably has something to do with the fact that the rings were getting too big before I got pregnant.)

So, my new OB. A friend of a friend recommended some doctors that do VBACs in the Kansas City area. As soon as we knew where we’d be living I called the one closest to us. Except he was leaving that practice to open his own (actually with 5 doctors from the original practice I learned today) and that would be opening on January 1st and his old practice didn’t have new contact information when I called. Once we got here I tracked him down and scheduled an appointment. I’m glad I did, because he seems like a great doctor. (I’ve heard good things since we’ve been here too.) He said having another VBAC should be no problem at all, especially since I’ve already had 2. All the doctors in the practice do VBACs, but he also said he prefers to deliver all his patients. He said baby is definitely head down, so that’s good. Baby’s heart rate was about 155. My blood pressure was a little high for me today, 130/80 and I’m usually at about 110/75. I blame having to take all 3 kids to the appointment. I think that’s about it. Here’s how I look these days:

33 weeksIMG_2971

33 & 34 weeks. Getting close!

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy update: weeks 33 & 34

  1. You look great, as always! I’m so glad you like your new OB, too. One less thing to stress about!

    I’m also selfishly glad I’m not the only one who had to remove her wedding ring early in the 2nd trimester. I mean, not that you did this time, but the fact that you usually have to makes me feel better about my fat fingers.

    • I’m not sure I even made it through my first trimester with Kalena! Plus once my rings get a little tight I can’t leave them alone and playing with them just makes my fingers more swollen.

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