The schedule

This post is about the issues I’m having with our new schedule. You can skip to the bottom if you’d rather not waste time reading a rundown of our days. Also, I’m not proofreading this, I’m just posting and going to bed. Sorry.

In Grand Junction, our daily schedule looked something like this:

6-6:30 all the kids are up for the day. Breakfast and morning stuff. Finishing Kalena’s homework if she had any left.

8:30 Kindergarten drop off. I was totally spoiled and Brian did this almost every day.

9:00 Daniel goes down for a nap. Will plays or watches a movie. I do productive things.

11:30 Wake Daniel up if we need to and leave for kindergarten pickup. School gets out at 11:50

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Kalena and Will go down for naps. For Kalena it’s just “quiet time” most days. She falls asleep once a week or so.

Sometime between 2 & 3: Lay Daniel down for an afternoon nap.

3:00 Kalena is done with quiet time so she plays. Sometimes we read. Sometimes she colors or does crafts while I make dinner.

Between 4 & 5: Will and Daniel get up. (Generally Will doesn’t fall asleep until after 2, even though he goes down at 1.)

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Bedtime

I didn’t really think switching to afternoon kindergarten when we moved here would be a big deal. I mean, sure, Kalena wouldn’t have afternoon quiet time anymore, but she was rarely napping anyway. I figured Daniel would still nap in the morning while she was home and that both the boys would have time for naps in the afternoon while she was at school. Except that’s really not how it’s working out at all. For one thing, Daniel seems to be ready to move to one nap a day and he wants it to be from about 11 to 2. Here’s how things go here most days:

6-6:45 All the kids are up for the day. Breakfast, normal morning stuff, then play time.

9:30 (ish) I lay Daniel down for a morning nap. He doesn’t protest, but he also doesn’t go to sleep. Sometimes the kids watch a movie or play on ipads at this point. Often they just play. I try to get a few things done.

Between 10:30 & 11 Daniel falls asleep. Not every day, but most days. Some days he doesn’t sleep at all in the morning.

11:15 Feed the big kids lunch. It seems way too early, but if we wait longer we end up too rushed.

12:00 Get Daniel up and get everyone ready to leave.

12:15 Take Kalena to school.

12:30 ish. Home again. Send Will to his room for a nap in the hopes that he’ll go to sleep at a reasonable time. He plays “until he’s tired” he tells me. Feed Daniel lunch and let him play.

Between 1:30 & 2 Put Daniel down for an afternoon nap. Again he doesn’t protest, but he also doesn’t go to sleep right away.

Generally around 2:30 both the boys fall asleep. Not always though. Sometimes neither of them sleep at all.

3:00 wake anyone who’s asleep. If Will is sleeping and I wake him? He’s a MESS. Teary, inarticulate, uncooperative.

3:15 Leave to get Kalena from school. School doesn’t actually get out until 3:40, but it’s a madhouse and getting there early is the best way to avoid most of the craziness.

3:40 get Kalena and head home. Fix dinner while the kids play or watch some Sesame Street (Daniel’s favorite. Okay, the only show he’ll actually watch.) Between now and Brian getting home the kids are generally INSANE. Very rambunctious, nobody listens, often lots of fighting.

Between 5:30 & 6 Brian gets home and we eat dinner. After dinner I usually read with Kalena while the boys play. We get all the kids ready for bed and put them down about 7.


In summary, the kids are sleeping about the same amount at night (11-11.5 hours.) But instead of 2-4 hours of naps during the day (for the boys) they’re getting more like 30 mins. And Kalena, even though she probably doesn’t need the nap, was definitely benefitting from “quiet time” which she no longer gets. Will is a mess if I have to wake him up, but if he doesn’t nap at all he’s CRAZY all evening. He bounces off the walls like he knows if he sits still for more than 30 seconds he’ll fall asleep. It’s really wearing me down and I have no solution. UGH.




15 thoughts on “The schedule

  1. Ugh, that sounds frustrating. I’m pre-dreading afternoon pickup from kindergarten next year with two littles at home. At least it’s full-day kindergarten, so they can get some lunchtime rest! Still, 2-4 is PRIME nap/quiet time and I hate to give it up.

  2. Oh man, this was us last fall. And a small part of why we started homeschooling. The schedule is HARD! I think we all struggle and there never seems to be a good answer. So we are tired and miserable and then suddenly the kids have grown up a little note and we feel bittersweet. 🙂

  3. Oh Elsha. What a mess. That is a LOT of waking kids up from naps, AND an extra mealtime since everyone doesn’t eat lunch together, AND it makes the pre-dinner witching hours even more cranky. I AM SO SORRY.

    Can you do anything to force Daniel’s naps to 12:30? Anything? Even if you just inch his regular “nap” (even if he doesn’t fall asleep) or crib time back by 15 mins every day until he’s there? Then maybe he and Will can both sleep after school dropoff? What can you do in the morning that will wear their hineys out?

    Oh man. OH MAN. It will smooth out, I know it will, but it does suck in the meantime. Hang tough, lady.

    • I probably *could* move his nap back, but at this point I’m happy just to have the crib time. He wears me out! I’m guessing over the summer he’ll start napping later and then next year when she’s in school all day it won’t matter.

  4. Oh you poor poor thing. Brighton basically had to give up napping at 2.5 because Pacey had afternoon preschool and waking her up after 30 minutes of sleep was a DISASTER. I’m so grateful our district is starting full day kindergarten next year so Archer won’t suffer the same fate. I’m sad there’s nowhere in there for a tired, pregnant mama to have a nap 😦

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