The first two weeks

Well, we’ve lived here for two weeks now. (Okay, almost 3. But it was 2 when I first started writing this. And all this stuff happened in the first 2 weeks.) So far, we’ve dealt with the following:

Frozen pipes. (Nothing broke, fortunately)

Daniel got croup and we had to find a pediatric urgent care since we don’t have a pediatrician. He got an oral steroid since Down syndrome generally means smaller airways and complications are more likely. Fortunately none of this was too expensive since, HA! No insurance until Brian’s first day at work.ย 

Kalena flushed half a roll of toilet paper, causing the toilet to overflow, something we did not discover until HOURS later when Brian noticed that the ceiling under that bathroom was wet. FUN. (How we made it 5 1/2 years without having a kid overflow a toilet is beyond me.)

I had kidney stones! And spent the morning of Brian’s first day at work in labor & delivery! (Don’t worry. I’m giving this one its own post.)

I went to pick up Kalena from school, got her in the car and then it wouldn’t start! Had to take a taxi with all 3 kids and no car seats to get home. Brian managed to get it started and we got it home later that night. Seemed fine. Turned it off and started it again multiple times.

Next day, went to take Kalena to school and HA! Car won’t start. Decided the battery was to blame (despite it not seeming like any dead battery I’ve ever had. And a flashing “No Fuse” warning.) Replaced the battery and so far so good. I mean, the airbag warning light won’t turn off, but at this point WHATEVER.

At this point I feel a little bit like Kuzco in this scene of The Emperor’s New Groove:ย

15 thoughts on “The first two weeks

  1. OMG!!! Leaving comments from a cell phone is such a pain in the ass!!!

    What? You thought I was going to comment on what a spectularly shitty first two weeks you had? Wow. If I had written this post I would have titled it, “How I found myself in the psychiatric ward.”

    • Leaving comments from a cell phone is the worst. I just don’t.

      And I won’t lie, psychiatric ward doesn’t sound so bad right about now. Laying in the hospital doped up on morphine was pretty peaceful, and that’s sad to think.

  2. Wow, Elsha. I saw you mention all of this on twitter, and I felt for you at the time, and now I’m feeling it all over again. What a crazy two weeks! I really hope things calm down a bit now and you’re able to get settled in your new home without any more craziness.

  3. And again, you poor, poor thing. I too hope that this is IT and you have some peace before baby comes. We moved four weeks before I gave birth this summer and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever endured, and that was without all the other BS you’ve had come up. Enough, Universe!!

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