Some thoughts on spacing

Kalena and Will are 19 months apart. I like that spacing.

Will and Daniel are 27 months apart. I also like that spacing.

Daniel and this baby will be almost 24 months apart. Seems like, since that’s between the other 2, it would also be good spacing. HOWEVER. Daniel isn’t developmentally at the level of a 2 year old yet. Daniel doesn’t walk yet. Or say any words (he does do a few signs!) He drinks out of a straw cup, but still takes a bottle from me 3 times a day. He doesn’t use utensils to eat (so we have to feed him stuff like yogurt and applesauce) and still does a lot of food throwing at mealtimes. All this is to point out that Daniel is MUCH more like a 1 year old than a 2 year old. And that? That spacing seems CLOSE.

I will have a nursing baby and a toddler who still needs bottles. I will have two children who need carried anytime we’re outside the house. At 19 months Kalena was old enough to fetch me diapers when I needed to change Will. At almost 2 Daniel still doesn’t understand what I mean when I say, “No biting!” let alone follow any kind of direction.

Anyway, wish me luck. I get the feeling this transition is gonna be rough.


8 thoughts on “Some thoughts on spacing

  1. I want to prepare you in the nicest way possible: the first 18 months of will SUCK. 13 months apart was insane, and that was of course with 13 developmental months which it seems like you might not get. There will be good moments, there will even be good days, but hunker down, sister, you’re about to be in the trenches. I love you! But: TRENCHES. While you’re there, though, bring a few good friends – they will save your butt and your sanity more than you know (ok, maybe you’re quickly getting acquainted with it thanks to ERs and taxis and whatnot). I never would have survived our years in Thornton without my friends. Coming through it has proven a huge blessing for our family, I LOVE the kids being so close NOW, but it was rough. You can expect a few Bad Day packages from Kari and I, since we expect a few bad days on your side. Just breathe and take pictures.

  2. I remember when Avery was 2 months old and Addilyn still needed to be carried in public and Amelia broke her leg! Just plan on never leaving the house and you’ll be fine! 🙂 here are a few good things: Kalena and Will are old enough to help, and to play with each other while you nap. Daniel sleeps well and a lot. New babies sleep a lot. You’re supermom!

    I don’t know how anyone ever has twins! :-/

  3. I sometimes think back to the days when Iris came home–Ezra had just turned two and Iris was still kind of a hot mess as well as tethered to an oxygen tank. Holy crow it was all hands on deck.

    Right now 16 months apart doesn’t seem quite so difficult, but there were times back then when it was a tick touch-and-go.

    Of course, we all made it through the other side and you will too. Everyone WILL SURVIVE! That’s the bottom line: survival.

  4. Yes, survival. And the older ones really are super helpful. If nothing else they can get themselves snacks and help you a bit at least. My closest spacing was 19 months, so I can’t really offer much you don’t know already. It was easier when Hannah was younger though, I am always on my toes now that she is on the move. Just a constant tornado through my house ALL THE TIME these days.

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