Nesting. Or: things I’m freaking out about

I’m pretending this is nesting, this panic about all the things that need to happen before the baby gets here. Seeing as this is baby number FOUR you think I’d be totally ready. AND YET. Many, many things remain undone. And I’m not talking about nursery decor type stuff here. Here’s my list:

  • We don’t have an infant carseat. We’re gonna need one of those.
  • We need the camera charger. My camera won’t turn on and I’d *really* like some pictures of this baby that aren’t taken on an iphone. I have NO IDEA where the charger is. Also? We need to find it soon, because what if it’s NOT the battery? What if my camera has, for whatever reason, up and died and I need a knew one? These are things I NEED TO KNOW.
  • I have not packed a hospital bag. I’m actually not particularly worried about this. I’ve had one every time and used basically nothing out of it every time. HOWEVER, I do need to pack a bag for the kids. If this baby arrives before we have family here the kids are gonna have to go somewhere! They might need clothes, or pjs. Daniel will definitely need diapers and wipes. I don’t want to have to get all this together once I know I’m in labor.
  • Related to the last one, we need to figure out where the kids will go! Sort of a big one here.
  • We have no baby clothes! I mean, we theoretically have some, but they are still at my sisters’ houses right now. (They promised to mail me a box of unisex clothes soon. I’ll feel better when it gets here.)
  • Also clothing related, realized yesterday we have ZERO place to put baby clothes. All our closet and dresser space is taken. Sooooo, we’ll be buying…something? We really have no place to put anything either, but hey! Baby is gonna need clothes stored somewhere.
  • We have no bouncer or swing. I’m aware that these aren’t actually necessities, but I’ll need somewhere to put this baby down. Somewhere that isn’t the floor where Daniel has easy access. He’s a smidge grabby. And not gentle.
  • I have baby stuff still in boxes. Those boxes are…somewhere. Likely in our giant stack of “let’s deal with these later!” boxes in the basement. They include: baby blankets, the boppy, the pump, and various other baby items. Definitely gonna want this stuff.

In summary, what we have ready is…a crib. Woohoo?

14 thoughts on “Nesting. Or: things I’m freaking out about

  1. prioritize! I’d put camera at the top of the list, then kids’ suitcase. Then infant carseat. And that’s the end of my unsolicited advice ;-). (feeling slightly panicked for you – after having a baby myself at 35w2d, I tend to feel like everything must be ready then. Never mind the fact that I had almost nothing ready and it all worked out fine.)

    • This is an excellent plan! And yes, “find camera charger” is topping my list of things to do this weekend. The carseat should be easy, because I know which one I want, we just have to go get one.

  2. I have no idea where to put this baby’s stuff. My sister gave me a bunch of baby clothes back this week and I’ve just left them in the van. The baby has no bedroom and she ain’t getting one, so…they’ll probably end up still in the bins and living on my bedroom floor.

  3. I wish we lived near each other and I would give you all my baby gear I’m done with (done, done, DONE). Here’s a thought about storing baby clothes: if you don’t have a dresser, that makes it totally legit to just leave the clean ones in the laundry basket and dig through for what you need. Baby clothes are pretty much always somewhere in the laundry process, right? 🙂 I love how having babies makes us all so nutty, first or fourth.

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