Some good things

I’ve been doing an awful lot of complaining here lately, and let’s not lie, I COULD DO MORE. But instead, at least for today, I’ll tell you some things that are good right now.

  • Daniel now signs “book” and it is SUPER adorable. He has his favorites (Little Blue Truck, and Jamberry currently) and he will dig them out of our giant pile of board books and laugh hysterically while he drags one over for me to read. Then, after we’ve read it once, he’ll sign “more book” and put it back in my hands to read again. This gets significantly less adorable after about the 5th reading, but still. I love it.
  • Our king size bed. YOU GUYS. I’d forgotten how much I love this bed. And I sleep MUCH better. It’s so great.
  • Kalena’s school is wonderful (despite how much I hate the afternoon kindergarten schedule.) They send regular e-mail updates and even have an e-mail form to send for late arrival/early pick up/absences. I filled one out when the car wouldn’t start and Kalena missed school and I heard back within minutes.
  • Our key hanger thing. Living at my parents’ we got used to hanging our keys on the key rack as soon as we walked in. And you know what? That’s a great habit to be in. Always know where your keys are. So we bought ourselves one our first week here and I’m glad EVERY DAY that I don’t have to go hunting for my keys.
  • We met Daniel’s new therapist today and she seems GREAT. I was really worried about this because I loved his therapists in Colorado so much.
  • We’ve set up a playroom for the kids in the basement (technically storage/laundry area) and they’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER about cleaning up with this arrangement. I can send them down to clean up and THEY DO. I continue to be amazed every time this happens.
  • For Christmas in 2012 Brian got me this thought a day journal. You write a line a day, every day, over a year and then start over at the beginning. (It’s a 5 year journal.) Well I managed to write every day last year and now I’m on year 2! It’s really been fun to read last year’s thought each day.

I’m sure there are more but that’s all I’ve got for now. What’s good in your life these days?

10 thoughts on “Some good things

  1. Those are all such great things!

    Good things here: It is sunny. Iris asks for the “tiger song” and means Roar. We are getting our taxes done tomorrow and I like having that over with. Gummy Sweet-tarts.

  2. I can be having the worst day ever and think back to how Pacey used to do some of his signs and will end up with the goofiest grin on my face. Every time. I love baby signing with my whole heart. I’m sorry things are hard right now but your list of goods made me happy. A couple of mine: temperatures rising into the balmy 20’s later this week, Valentine’s Day candy and a baby that is finally beginning to nap somewhat (sort of, a little bit) predictably.

  3. Oh! Oh! I saw one of those thought a day things in Target today and I ALMOST bought it. This one was mom-centered. Is that how yours is? I really like the idea.

    ALSO I too love schools being quick and easy with communication, especially online communication. Nathan’s teacher sends texts (through an app) and updates us with blog posts every week and it is SO HELPFUL that she talks to parents where the parents ARE (on our phones and online) even though she is many generations older. Love it. Gold star for Kalena’s school there too.

  4. Grrr…just wrote a long comment and lost it when trying (and failing) to log in to wordpress. Short version: I can’t believe everything you’ve had to deal with since your move, and you are a ROCKSTAR that everyone is still alive and in one piece. Also, king size beds are the best. XOXO

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