Nearing the end

I’m officially more pregnant today than when I delivered Daniel. Of course, I’m still 2 1/2 weeks from being as pregnant as I was with Kalena. I refuse to believe I’ll ever be that pregnant again. (She was 8 days late, in case you’re thinking I want this baby super early.)

I’ve gained about 36 lbs (although, I ate most of a pan of brownies today, so that number may jump right up.) Amazingly, I am still wearing my wedding ring. I’m guessing the cold weather helps. My fingers get really swollen when it’s hot out. I had my 36 week appointment on the 4th and was “maybe a smidge” dilated. I wouldn’t have even had a check except he was already doing the group B strep swab (negative!) I have my 38 week appointment tomorrow (I’ll be 38 weeks 4 days) and I’m kiiiinda hoping it’s my last one. Obviously I have very little control over that. That doesn’t stop me from acting like I do! Brian and I keep talking about which day would be best in terms of his work schedule and then acting like it’s all set. I have contractions every night, but nothing serious. My physical abilities are pretty pathetic these days. For instance, I spent about an hour yesterday standing to fold and put away clean laundry and today my hips hurt so much I’m hobbling around like an old lady. Fun times! Pretty sure these means I just need to sit on the couch until the baby gets here.

I’m feeling a little more prepared in terms of actual baby stuff. We now own a car seat, a box of newborn diapers, a working camera, and a new set of Aden + Anias swaddle blankets (we loaned our last set to my sister and her toddler took them over, so she sent us new ones.) The box of baby clothes from my sisters arrived, and I bought some cheap little storage drawers to keep baby stuff in. However, I still haven’t pre-registered at the hospital (didn’t even think about that until like last week) AND we don’t have a pediatrician. I have a recommendation but I was putting it off thinking, “Oh, we don’t need a ped right away!” Except yes we do. Because brand new babies see a pediatrician RIGHT AWAY. Good work Elsha.

Anyway. Pictures. I missed 36 weeks, so here I am at 37 and 38 weeks.

37 weeksDSCN7367


Realized when I uploaded these that I’m facing the opposite way from all the rest of my pictures. Which is gonna REALLY annoy me when I go to put them in scrapbooks.

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