The schedule

Since I’m at the point where this baby actually could come ANY TIME I figure I might as well continue to be in denial and make a bunch of plans. Seems logical, yes? (Okay, it’s mostly doctors appointments, but whatever.) Here’s a run-down of my next few days. (I know you’re super excited to hear it.)

Book club last night. Technically not upcoming. But! People were skeptical at January’s meeting that I would make it to February’s but I DID. So I’m including it anyway. We read The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. I liked it.

This afternoon I have my pre-registration appointment at the hospital. I looked up the pre-registration stuff online and discovered that HA! I was supposed to call between 30 and 32 weeks to set up an appointment. Obviously that couldn’t have happened since I didn’t even live in this state yet. In fact, by the time I had an OB, knew where I’d be delivering, and knew that I needed to pre-register I was 36 weeks along.  Anyway, I called and discovered they’re booked! Until March 10th! Which wasn’t going to help much. So the lady making the appointments put me on the top of the “call if there’s a cancellation” list and lucky me! She called yesterday with a cancellation for this afternoon.

Tonight we’re going to a seminar put on by the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City. It’s on feeding, speech, sensory needs, and oral placement activities for kids who are non-verbal or pre-verbal. We’re right there with Daniel, working on sounds and signs but not saying any words yet. I’m very interested to hear what they have to say! Hopefully lots of stuff we can use.

Tomorrow morning we’re planning to tour the maternity ward at the hospital. I could theoretically do this today at my appointment, but Brian wants to know where we need to be going too. Especially since I may not be much help by the time we go in. They have open tours on Saturday mornings, so that’s the plan.

Monday morning Daniel has physical therapy. Scheduled for early in the week so hopefully it will happen 🙂 He loves his therapist.

Tuesday afternoon I have a “prenatal visit” with our new pediatrician. (We have a pediatrician!) I think it’s mostly just meeting him? Anyway, that’s on the agenda.

And Wednesday afternoon I have my 39 week appointment scheduled with my OB. At which point I’ll actually be like 39 1/2 weeks along.

So there you have it. For someone who is perfectly happy to not leave the house for weeks at a time (ME) that is a LOT going on.

5 thoughts on “The schedule

  1. I totally wanted you to be in labor for that seminar, just for the amusement of my imagination. 🙂

    Also YAY it is almost BABY WEEK!

    Also I added that book to my goodreads list.

    (Most riveting blog comment ever,right? Hi!)

  2. Everything seems to get busier and more packed as baby day gets closer, doesn’t it? My calendar is crazy.

    (Every morning I wonder: did Elsha have the baby??)

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