2 years and 2 weeks

Daniel turned 2 on Tuesday! I can hardly believe it. I still think of him as my baby, even though we have another baby now. Anyway, we had his 2 year well visit on Wednesday and here are his stats: he’s 33 3/4 inches tall (45%) and weighs 23 lbs 9 oz (10%). So he’s kind of a tall skinny guy, although I don’t think of him as tall since he doesn’t walk. Daniel does several signs these days including: milk, more, eat, all done, out, bath, book, water, mama, and banana. They aren’t always super clear, but he does them! He signs bath after every meal, which I love. (He definitely doesn’t get a bath after every meal although I’m sure he’d like one.) He is SO CLOSE to walking. In fact, he took a step yesterday! It was just a “let go of the ottoman, step/lunge for the couch” but still. It’s the first time he’s ever done that. His physical therapist said she’s never seen a kid be SO ready to walk and just not walking yet. He still doesn’t say any words, although he does say “ba” or “ba ba” when he signs milk (meaning bottle) and he also says “ba” when signing bath. He’s working on it, but he’s a long way from talking still.

He’s stopped biting so much (thank goodness) but he still does it sometimes when he’s really mad. Or if you try to get something out of his mouth. He continues to throw whatever food we put on his tray which is obnoxious. He used to only throw food when he was done eating, but these days he throws everything you put on there and then cries because he’s hungry. We mostly deal with this by feeding him instead of letting him feed himself. It’s probably not the best solution, but I’m not sure what else to do at the moment. He’s into everything (as most 2 year olds are) and can finally pull himself up onto the couch which is good- yay milestones, and bad- because he can reach a lot more stuff. He loves Sesame Street, a relatively new development since he used to not care about TV at all. He’s an especially big fan of Elmo. He also loves playing with Kalena and Will and gets very sad if they leave him alone. At bedtime he and Will chat at each other and play until they fall asleep. Neither of them likes to go to bed alone. Daniel loves to be read to and will bring books over and sign “book” aggressively until I read to him. We’ve mostly quit bottles, but he still gets one at bedtime and he insists that I give it to him. (He won’t take one from anyone else, but he’ll WAIL away in his crib if you try to put him to bed without one.) He’s quite curious about the baby, and wants to touch her (smack her in the face) whenever she’s in reach. He watches anyone who’s carrying her around, but he doesn’t seem jealous.

He continues to be adorable, and he very much enjoyed his birthday cake.

DSCN7455 DSCN7465


He did get his requested bath after this.

Well, on Tuesday Daniel turned 2 years old, and on Wednesday Lydia turned 2 weeks old! She had a quick weight check at the doctor and she’s up to 7 lbs 3 oz, which is just above her birthweight. Yay! Nursing is going well, (the best it’s ever gone for me) but she’s still getting a bottle (1-2 oz) most days. She likes her swing, hates her car seat, will take a pacifier, and is not a fan of having her diaper changed. She is very alert when she’s awake- reminds me of Kalena. Most nights she has a fussy couple hours where she only wants to sleep on me. Usually this means I don’t get to sleep as early as I’d like, but so far once she’s down for the night she’s down and middle of the night feedings are brief. (Obviously I’ll say this now and then she’ll be up for hours in the middle of the night tonight.) I’ve been taking advantage of having help (my MIL was here right after she was born and my mom is here now) by sleeping in until 8 or 9 every morning. I’m going to be very sad when I have to actually get up in the mornings again. And deal with kids. And make breakfast. Sad, sad day.

Anyway, she also continues to be adorable, if a little skeptical of me and all my picture taking.DSCN7466

And now I’m posting without proofreading because the baby is crying! Sorry!


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