Some quick bullet point updates

I have a list of posts I need to write, but here are some things to update before I forget.

  • A couple people asked me what a lip tie is. A lip tie is where the skin connecting the upper lip to the top gums is short, or attached lower than usual. It keeps the top lip from flanging out like it should. Lydia’s isn’t too severe, but it does mean her top lip is flush against my skin when she nurses instead of having that “fish lip” look it should have. Fixing a lip tie is more involved than fixing a tongue tie, so they don’t like to do it unless it’s causing problems. (In some cases it’s bad enough that baby’s top lip gets pulled under the gums while nursing. That is trouble.)
  • Daniel is now standing unsupported AND taking steps!! This is super exciting 🙂


  • School starts again for Kalena tomorrow (she’s been on spring break.) I’m not looking forward to drop off and pick up, because Lydia hates her carseat and spends most of her time in it screaming.
  • Because I wrote that Lydia’s middle of the night feedings were short, obviously I jinxed myself. Now they generally take 2 hours. I mean, the actual feeding part takes 20 minutes or so, but then she’s awake for another hour and a half. This isn’t so conducive to getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Managing at home with four has been…interesting. Having Daniel and Lydia is really like having two babies. Most days involve someone screaming at me for a good portion of the day. Also? They really can’t be in a room together. Daniel won’t leave her alone and he is not gentle. (He’s not trying to be mean. He’s just overly enthusiastic.)
  • Lydia and I have thrush. It’s awful and the stuff they prescribed on Friday does not seem to be doing anything, so I’ll likely be making a trip to the pediatrician tomorrow.
  • I got my regular clothes back out, which, YAY! No more maternity clothes! But also BOO, only about 4 things in my whole closet fit without looking terrible. So if you see me in the same 3 shirts all the time, YOU KNOW WHY.
  • I’m quoted in this article: Genuine Images of Motherhood (on page 4.) It’s from March 1st, but I kept forgetting to link to it!

That’s all for now. More soon! Hopefully!

8 thoughts on “Some quick bullet point updates

  1. Boooo to thrush! My friend had it with her twins, round and round it went! Gentian Violet was what her midwife told her to try and it worked. It turns the wee mouths purple though!


  2. I can’t believe you are not only surviving but also blogging! I have yet to resume posting with any regularity and Archer is 8 months old!! I have to say, he was not a particularly fussy baby but I had forgotten how much babies do cry. He hated his carseat too (or maybe it was the -50 degrees??) and car journeys were SO stressful between the screaming, B’s endless chatter and Pacey trying to help by shushing them both. FWIW, it did end after a few months and now A cries pretty much never. Hang in there, you’re a rockstar.

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