Back to the catching up! I haven’t posted about Easter yet, so here you go! (I KNOW you’ve been sitting around waiting to see Easter pictures of my kids.)

First of all, some pictures from the Kansas City Down Syndrome Guild Easter event. They served donuts from Krispy Kreme and bagels from Panera (so basically my favorite breakfast EVER.) And I heard from one of the volunteers that Krispy Kreme delivered twice as many donuts as ordered for no extra charge. In case you needed ANOTHER reason to love them.

The Easter Bunny was there:

DSCN7602 DSCN7611

Kalena was excited to see him, and Daniel was VERY curious about the giant bunny. Will was scared, so he stuck with me.

There was also a balloon animal guy.



Kalena asked for a bunny, because hey! Easter!



Will asked for a crocodile. OBVIOUSLY.

This Easter thing was the first big Down syndrome thing we’ve been to here. Most of the stuff we go to is just our county, not all of KC. And those events are usually for certain age groups, so we go to the ones for families with kids with Ds who are under five, or whatever. Anyway, it was lots of fun.

Back to Easter stuff at home. Of course we did some egg dying.





We let them each dye 6 eggs. Makes me appreciate my mom for letting my sisters and I each dye a dozen (at our request.) Because MAN three dozen hardboiled eggs would be a lot to eat.

The Easter Bunny brought and hid baskets with candy and a book in each. (No basket for Lydia. And I ate most of Daniel’s candy.) Then after church Brian hid the eggs the kids had dyed. Now, last but not least, dressed up for church pictures!





Look! Everyone made it into the pictures! Even though you can barely see Will because he insisted on holding Daniel and they’re basically the same size. Ah, kids.

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