Eleven questions

Nobody tagged me, but I’ve always got time for a survey post, so here goes.

1. What is your favorite kind of cheese? Um, just one? Because I LOVE cheese. All kinds. Everything from canned easy cheese to smoked gouda. Seriously. Yes to cheese.

2. What are you excited about? We have a family reunion coming up at a family camp, and part of the deal is kids activities. The kids get broken into groups by age and go with camp counselors and do stuff all day. And that means we’ll have real actual FREE TIME on this vacation! WOO!

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday? Take out sushi and ice cream cake. Nothing exciting.

4. What is on your bedside table? My jewelry box, a lamp, coaster with one of my giant water cups, my “thought a day” book, a picture Kalena drew for me, a book, and a box of baby wipes. Maybe a chapstick? Probably something I’m forgetting. Oh! I’m pretty sure there’s an empty dish from eating M&Ms in bed.

5. What do you order from the movie theater concession stand? Popcorn and soda. The big size. We RARELY go to the movies, so when we go we do the whole thing. Although, if I want candy I bring it in my purse. (No movie theater sells dark chocolate! That’s what I like!)

6. Do you have a garden? What’s growing? I do not have a garden, and good thing because I kill ALL plants.

7. Any summer plans? Besides the above mentioned family reunion, likely we’ll be getting Daniel’s tonsils out. And possibly Kalena’s also. FUN, right? Probably a lot of swimming in the apartment complex pool. Hopefully working on some projects.

8. Which TV couple(s) are you rooting for? I don’t watch any current TV soooo…none.

9. What’s the last thing you bought? I believe that would be groceries. I’m assuming paying hospital bills doesn’t count as buying anything. Or, if it does count, last thing I bought was Lydia’s echo.

10. What’s one thing you are passionate about? Informing people that “woah” is not a word. It’s spelled “whoa.”

11. What are you grateful for this week? That Lydia is generally a good sleeper. Life is SO crazy right now, I’m super glad she keeps the night wake-ups to a minimum. (Fully aware that I’m jinxing myself by posting about this.)


Anyway, what about you?

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