August blogging challenge

I’ve missed writing here. I want to write, but I can’t seem to find the time. And I know, I know, if you really want to do something you’ll find a way and if you don’t you’ll find an excuse. So this month, no more excuses. I’m joining Ginger in a blogging challenge for the month of August.

The challenge is to blog 5 times a week. Real writing, not just pictures of my (admittedly adorable) kids. Also, a commenting challenge: to comment on 5 posts a day. I’ve always been a terrible commenter but lately I haven’t even been reading. I don’t even know how long it’s been since I opened Feedly. Let’s see if I can turn that around this month!

I have plenty to say, I just need to start saying it again. I’ve missed this space.

5 thoughts on “August blogging challenge

  1. I’m with you. I am finding little pockets of time here and there opening up that I could theoretically use for blogging but…don’t. Partly I find myself overthinking audience. I have never intended to write *for* anyone, but I want my blog to be something more than just a record of our days. But then if I try and tackle a topic I just feel silly. I’m going to make a bigger effort to comment until I find the magic bullet to get back into posting!

    • For me committing to writing makes a huge difference! Then I feel like I have to get something out, even if I don’t love it. Plus I always try to remember that I started this blog for me and I should keep it going for me (even though I love that other people read!)

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