Aspen Grove

This month should be the perfect time to get back into blogging because hey! We just got back from vacation! We had our annual family reunion this year at Aspen Grove, a family camp in Utah. Normally I favor Arwen’s terminology of calling any trip with children a “family trip” and only trips without kids are “vacations” but this trip was definitely more of a¬†vacation even with all the kids. (We had 52 people from my dad’s family attend, 24 of those people are under age 10.) We actually went to Aspen Grove twice when I was a kid and I remember it being fun, but until coming back as a parent I didn’t realize just how set up for families and kids this place is. For starters, in the dining hall (all meals are cafeteria style) there’s a high chair at every table and a tray under each highchair to catch dropped food. There’s a “kids food” section with a child friendly version of dinner entrees, plus stuff to make PB&J at any meal, and even a selection of baby food. You can ask for a pitcher of milk or juice to take back to your room. (You’re also welcome to take food back to your room for anyone who isn’t feeling well.) The kids are split into age groups and have activities from 9-12 and 1:30 to 4:30 every day. This includes babies! Well, okay, babies don’t have any activities, but you can drop them off in the baby room and the counselors call or text you if they need you. So: kids busy all day without me, no cooking or clean up (but without restaurant hassle!), and we stayed in houses clearly designed for families (separate rooms for kids!) AND because everything is at camp, no loading everyone up and driving anywhere! Definitely vacation.

Unfortunately for me this trip made it clear just how much of a mama’s girl Lydia is. She hated the infant room and I felt bad leaving her there when she was crying (although they would have kept her if I wanted.) so I spent more time with the baby than I had planned. All our other kids LOVED going to their groups though. Especially Daniel who basically thought it was the best thing ever. Lots of other 2 year olds cried when getting dropped off, Daniel couldn’t have been happier.

Anyway, while all the kids were busy we also got to do lots of fun things. Brian rocked the high ropes course, we had fun in a pottery class, he made an awesome wood pen, I glazed some ceramics, there was ping pong and foosball and badminton and paintball and all kinds of good stuff. Aaaaand I’d planned on posting pictures of all that but apparently wordpress is in a bad mood today because I can’t upload anything. So! I’ll save them for another post.



6 thoughts on “Aspen Grove

  1. This sounds unbelievable!! Will have to look into something that includes child care but does not cost one million dollars per night. Love that Daniel loved his group. Will he get to start some kind of preschool this year? Pacey adored day care and then preschool…there was literally not one single day he ever cried at drop off (in direct contrast to Brighton who cried every single day for…god, a LONG TIME).

    • Yeah, this place was definitely not cheap, but so worth it! Daniel graduates early intervention when he turns 3 next March, so he’ll start the district preschool program then. I’m super exited for it! I know he’ll love it.

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