It’s a big responsibility

We got Apple TV for Christmas (an Apple TV? That seems wrong since it’s not actually a TV. ANYWAY.) We set it up when we moved in here and have been using it to watch TV after our ridiculously busy days of unpacking and getting settled. It’s been good, except I discovered quickly that the Apple TV remote would mess with my Macbook if it was on. It would start up iTunes, or a movie player, or adjust my volume, or turn my sound on and off. Obviously that’s annoying, so I finally googled this evening to see if I could get it to stop. Seems like it’s a common problem and I quickly found a solution in an Apple forum. I started through the steps listed until I got to one where I needed to enter my administrative password. Then this conversation happened:

Me: Uh, Brian? This is asking for my system password. I don’t know it.

Brian: You don’t know the password to your computer?

Me: No. I’ve never needed it before. I don’t even remember setting one up. *Hands him computer*

Brian: Seriously? You’ve never needed it? You’ve never installed anything in the 4 years you’ve owned this?

Me: Uh, no?

Brian, muttering while he does who knows what to my computer: Here I was, thinking of upgrading you. Thought you liked this computer. Thought you could be a responsible Mac owner. I should get you a Windows 8 Netbook.

Me: Come on, that’s just mean!

Probably nobody thinks that’s as funny as I did, but I laughed so hard. Windows Netbook as punishment for not being a “responsible Mac owner.”

(I started this post waaaaay back in January when we first moved in. And yes, whatever we did fixed the problem, so I can watch TV without messing with my computer settings.)

6 thoughts on “It’s a big responsibility

  1. Ha! Love it. My husband has everything in the house all connected together so I don’t dare mess with anything. Our Apple devices are all very incestuous. 😉

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