Baby blessing!

Way back at the beginning of June (the 8th to be exact) we blessed Lydia. It was the first time we’ve blessed a baby without family around, so trying to get a family picture after the fact was a leeeetle interesting. I mean, it’s always fun times trying to get all the kids in a good picture:




But on this occasion we also wanted a picture with me, Brian, and Lydia. Well, ideally me, Brian, and ALL the kids, but HA. No way was that happening. So we let Kalena play photographer for a couple of pictures. Mostly we got blurry or not smiling, but she did manage one good one!


Even if Lydia is a little…tilty.

This was also the day Lydia started rolling over (back to front. Front to back started a few days later.) so definitely a big day for her!


She was adorably pleased about it all.




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